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Peppers, Melons, Eggplants—Hate the Cold

Pepper seedling

Cool days and nights can be a problem for tender warm-season crops such peppers, melons, and eggplants. Temperatures in the 40sF won’t kill these plants but their growth will be stunted.

Wait to plant out very tender crops until the lowest temperatures do not fall below 50°F/10°C—55 or 60 degrees is even better. If you plant sooner use row covers, plastic tunnels, or cloches—or even baskets or cardboard boxes at night–to protect these plants from cold during their formative early weeks of development.

Pre-warming the soil before planting with solar heat absorbing black plastic is a good idea as well.

Take heart, if you wait to plant eggplants and peppers when the temperature are optimal, you will actually get an earlier and more abundant crop.


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    • Okra requires about 100 days of temperatures at 70F/21C or warmer. You must have a growing season of 100 days. If you do not a long growing season, you can grow okra indoors in a bright greenhouse where temperatures are warm. The same growing days and temperatures is required by peppers.

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