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    How to Cook and Serve Snow Peas

    Snow peas with eggs

    Snow peas are edible-podded peas: you eat the seed and pod whole. You can use snow peas in the same way as fresh peas or green beans. In fact, snow peas and green beans are interchangeable in most recipes. The peak season for snow peas is spring and then again in fall. How to Choose […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Peas

    Peas for harvest

    Harvest green peas when they are young and tender. They will become hard and starchy if left on the vine too long. Green peas are best shelled and cooked within an hour of harvest. Harvest edible-pod peas when the peas are just beginning to form; when the outline of the pea is just visible in […] More

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    Peas Growing Tips

    garden peas on the vine

    Peas are a cool-weather crop; they must mature in cool weather. Grow peas in spring and sometimes autumn in cold-winter regions. Grow peas during the winter and early spring in mild-winter regions. Peas mature in about 60 days. Time your pea planting so your pea harvest comes during cool weather. That means planting peas in […] More

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    Pea Growing Problems: Troubleshooting

    Peas sugar on vine1

    Fresh-picked home-grown green peas are worth the effort. The flavor of fresh-picked peas will far outdistance the flavor of store bought peas because flavor of peas dulls quickly after picking as sugar change to starch. Peas grow best in cool weather, but peas are not limited to spring planting. Late summer and fall planting can […] More

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    Dried Peas

    Peas dried1

    Field peas–also called dried peas–are grown specifically to be used dried. Dried peas are used in soups, pastas, cereals, and purées. Dried field peas are available at farm markets whole or split. The green pea and the yellow pea are the two most common field peas. The black-eyed pea or cowpea and the chickpea are […] More

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    Peas: Kitchen Basics

    Peas steamed2

    There are two kinds of peas: shelling peas that are shelled and the seeds are eaten either fresh or dried, and edible pod peas, peas that can be eaten whole–pod and seeds together–or shelled and the seeds eaten alone. See also: How to Cook and Serve Garden Peas How to Cook and Serve Snow Peas […] More