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Serve Watermelon With These Flavor Matches

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The sweet flavor of watermelon is well matched to herbal and sour flavors and to other sweet flavors. The key to matching watermelon to other foods is to find a taste complement or counterpoint. The way to do that is to taste, taste, taste!

Once you find the watermelon flavor matches right for you, you’ll want to prepare and bring them to the table quickly so that watermelon does not waterlog its taste partners.

Watermelon is ripe if the patch on the bottom where it sat on the ground is yellow—not white or green.

Tasty large traditional watermelons are Charleston Gray, Crimson Sweet, and Jubilee—these can weigh in at twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. Smaller but equally sweet and tasty are Sugar Baby, Mickylee—both red fleshed, and Yellow Doll, a yellow-fleshed watermelon.

Watermelon flavor matches

  • watermelon + basil + tomatoes + tuna
  • watermelon + blackberries
  • watermelon + blueberries + peaches
  • watermelon + cilantro + cream
  • watermelon + fennel + lemon juice + parsley + salt
  • watermelon + feta cheese + red onions
  • watermelon + kaffir lime + vanilla
  • watermelon + goat cheese
  • watermelon + salsa (cilantro, a little red onion, fresh green chili)
  • watermelon +cinnamon + crushed pistachio
  • watermelon + cream + mint
  • watermelon + cucumber + feta cheese + mint
  • watermelon + fennel
  • watermelon + honey
  • watermelon + jicama
  • watermelon + kaffir lime + sugar
  • watermelon + feta cheese + red plums + watercress
  • watermelon + lemon juice
  • watermelon + cantaloupe + honeydew melon
  • watermelon + oysters
  • watermelon + mint
  • watermelon + olive oil
  • watermelon + orange slices
  • watermelon + flat-leaf parsley
  • watermelon + pistachios
  • watermelon + pomegranate
  • watermelon + raspberries + navel orange section + lime juice
  • watermelon + sea salt
  • watermelon + sorbet
  • watermelon + brown sugar
  • watermelon + tequila or rum
  • watermelon + tomatoes + onion + red wine vinegar
  • watermelon + vanilla ice cream
  • watermelon + pale green salad greens + balsamic vinegar
  • watermelon + chili powder
  • watermelon + mozzarella cheese + basil + strawberries + honeydew melon

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