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    How to Harvest and Store Carrots

    Carrots fresh dug

    Harvest carrots when they develop their color and the tops are 1 inch in diameter or smaller. Carrots can be lifted as soon as they are a usable size. Carrots are ready for harvest 60 to 90 days after sowing depending upon the variety; they will continue to grow and enlarge if you leave them […] More

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    Carrots and Color: Best Healthy Varieties to Grow

    Carrots color

    Carrot color is rich in nutrition. Orange is the most familiar carrot color, but there are many colorful carrots: yellow, red, purple, and white. All are healthy eating. All are easy additions to the home garden. The first domesticated carrots—cultivated in Afghanistan more than 1,100 years ago–were white. Breeding over the past 900 years has […] More

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    Glazed Carrots Simply Made

    Carrots glazed bittman

    PrintGlazed CarrotsAuthor Steve Albert Don’t miss out on this simple carrot recipe. It’s delicious! InstructionsPeel the carrots and cut them into rounds or sticks. Be sure the pieces are about the same size so that they cook evenly. (If you use baby carrots, don’t bother to peel them.)Put the carrots in a saucepan or heavy […] More

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    Growing Carrots for Flavor

    Carrot in garden1

    Choose the carrots you want to grow by the carrot flavor you most enjoy. There are three common carrot flavor descriptors: sugary, pine-parsley, and woody. Carrot flavor is genetically determined—some carrots will simply be sweeter than others. Growing carrots when days are warm and nights cool and growing carrots in loose, organic soil can enhance […] More

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    Nantes Carrots

    Carrots Nantes1

    The Nantes carrot was first described in a nineteenth century French vegetable seed catalog in this way: “Root almost perfectly cylindrical…skin very smooth…flesh of the root entirely red, very sweet and mild in flavor….” The Nantes carrot takes its name from the city on the Atlantic coast of France where the surrounding countryside is ideal […] More