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    Fresh Corn Salad Recipe

    Corn Salad Tomatoes and Peppers

    Here’s a fresh harvest corn salad that matches just-picked corn with a handful of cherry tomatoes, a small red onion, a medium bell pepper, and cilantro—and sweet vinaigrette. If you haven’t just picked the corn out of the garden then choose bright green, full husks and look for silks that are moist and flowing. Pull […] More

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    Radish Root and Leafy Green Salad

    Radish salad with chives

    Radish salad combines the crisp, juicy, mild flavor of the radish roots with the tender peppery flavor of young radish leaves—or use spinach, arugula, or leaf lettuce; all ready for the table just before summer. Radish salad is one of my late spring fresh from the garden favorites. The end of spring—just as cool weather […] More

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    Greens, Orange, and Beet Salad

    Salad with oranges and beets

    This greens, orange, and beet salad delivers color and flavor. Choose fresh seasonal greens—a mix of tender lettuces like Boston, oak leaf, red leaf, and butter or spinach—and match them with the sweet, earthy flavor of cooked beets and the refreshing sweet and sour balance of oranges. To these add the peppery snap of sliced […] More

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    Sliced Apple Flavor Matches

    Apples and snow peas1

    A refreshing, fruity balance of sour and sweet, apple slices are versatile—and widely matched for flavor. Sweeter varieties such as Fuji and Gala are right for desserts—match them with cream, ice cream, and honey; tart varieties such as Braeburn and Granny Smith are suited to dark greens such as spinach and arugula and sharp cheeses. […] More

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    Sliced Cucumber Flavor Matches

    Cucumber sliced1

    Cucumbers are sweet except when they are a tad bitter. Choose cucumbers for their sweetness and refreshing cleanness or for their green grassy astringency and crispness. Sometimes you don’t know which cucumber you will get until you bring it in from the garden and taste it. Always cucumbers are cooling and refreshing—they are, after all, […] More

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    Sliced Tomato Flavor Matches

    Tomato sliced1

    Tomatoes fresh from the garden—medium or large ones—sliced or cherry tomatoes halved and arranged on a plate and served with flavor matches take little time. Serve sliced tomatoes every day with a different flavor match—you will not run out of flavor combinations from the first picked tomato to the last. Choose one or two medium […] More

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    Tasty Tossed Green Salads with No Recipes

    Salad greens1

    The difference between an average green salad and a great green salad is the choice of greens, the flavors you match with the greens, and the dressing. Start a green salad with two or three greens—choose varying flavors and textures. Next combine or toss the greens with flavor affinities—foods and seasonings that bring out the […] More

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    How to Make Coleslaw with No Recipe


    Simply put coleslaw is a salad made from shredded cabbage and along with other chopped or shredded vegetables bound with mayonnaise, vinaigrette, or other dressing and sometimes flavored with herbs or fruit. The word coleslaw comes from two Dutch words: kool meaning cabbage and sla an abbreviation for salad—koolsla. Coleslaw is sometimes called “cold slaw”—which […] More

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    Savory Radish-Cabbage Coleslaw

    Cabbage coleslaw1

    1 votePrintSavory Radish-Cabbage ColeslawAuthor Steve Albert Here’s an easy coleslaw you can put together right from the early spring garden. This coleslaw has a sophisticated radish bite to it. It’s savory. No sugar, so it’s not your average picnic slaw. We matched this slaw with grilled salmon and steamed peas and mushrooms and every bite […] More

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    Artichokes and Mint Side Salad

    Artichoke salad large

    Thin sliced baby artichoke hearts tossed with thin sliced mint leaves, a bit of chopped garlic, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese makes a tasty side salad. Baby artichokes are plentiful in spring. Artichokes are actually flower buds. You want to pick them while they are still tightly […] More