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    Roasted Garlic on Toast

    Garlic roasted on toast1

    Roasted garlic is mellow and warming. Its delicate undertones enhance the flavor of salads and meats. Here, I give you a recipe for pairing roasted garlic with olive oil to flavor your favorite toasted bread. PrintRoasted Garlic on ToastAuthor Steve AlbertYield 15-20 slices of toast Choose good-size garlic bulbs with big cloves for this recipe—big […] More

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    Chocolate Chip and Dip Applesauce Cookies

    Cookies chocolate chip and dip1

    Family and friends will gobble up chocolate chip and dip applesauce cookies. In this recipe, I substitute chocolate bits and chunks that I’ve chopped myself for standard chips—I just like the surprise of finding those just-a-bit-bigger bits and chunks along the way. Also in this recipe let solid shortening and applesauce take the place of […] More