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    How to Cook and Serve Snow Peas

    Snow peas with eggs

    Snow peas are edible-podded peas: you eat the seed and pod whole. You can use snow peas in the same way as fresh peas or green beans. In fact, snow peas and green beans are interchangeable in most recipes. The peak season for snow peas is spring and then again in fall. How to Choose […] More

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    Swiss Chard Cooking and Serving Tips

    Chard and chickpeas1

    Swiss chard can be served raw or cooked. Swiss chard leaves have a hearty, yet mild spinach flavor. Swiss chard stalks have a delicate, celery-like taste and crunch. Serve chard greens raw alone or in a mixed green salad. You can also cook chard greens just like spinach. Swiss chard, chard, silverbeet, spinach beet, leaf […] More

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    How to Cook Winter Squash

    Squash cooked Acorn1

    Winter squashes are the most plentiful from early autumn until late winter. Unlike the summer squashes, the winter squashes must be cooked before they are eaten. Add winter squash to soups, stews, couscous, and curries. Use winter squash to make pies, cakes, muffins, cookies, pudding, soufflés, and cream desserts. Choose a winter squash—such as the […] More

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    Seven Ways to Cook Rutabaga

    Rutabaga sliced1

    Rutabaga is tasty served mashed with butter, cream, and spices. Sauté rutabaga in butter with apples and brown sugar, or dice and add rutabaga to vegetable soups and stews. Rutabaga harvest comes from late summer to early spring. How to Choose Rutabaga Rutabagas are a cool-weather vegetable and taste best after the first frost. They […] More

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    Herbs with Edible Flowers

    Borage 1

    Many herbs have edible flowers than can be used as a colorful garnish for salads and for both sweet and savory dishes. Add herb flowers to delicate salads and salad herbs such as lamb’s lettuce and chervil. Tip: toss the leaves of a salad you plan to add herbs to first then add dressing then […] More

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    How to Cook and Serve Snap Peas

    Peas sugar snap1

    Snap peas are sweet and tender. Sugar snaps are most flavorful cooked briefly, but they also can be eaten raw. Snap peas are also called sugar peas. How to Choose Snap Peas  How to Prep Snap Peas Kitchen Helpers from Amazon: How to Store Snap Peas Snap Pea Serving Suggestions Snap Pea Cooking Tips See […] More

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    Vegetable Stew Made Simply

    Vegetable stew Tasaj206

    Here is an easy to make vegetable stew that you can cook up any time of the year. The combination of vegetables in this stew can vary with the season and harvest. Choose two or three vegetables from the longer-cooking list and two or three from the shorter cooking list. If you want to add […] More

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    Cauliflower Salad Simply Made

    Cauliflower salad

    PrintCauliflower Salad Boil or sauté-steam the cauliflower until just tender for best flavor. Then add your choice of chopped celery, grated carrot, thinly sliced green onions or red onions, sliced tomatoes, and top with chopped olives or parsley. InstructionsCut raw cauliflower florets into small pieces.Chop celery or grate carrots for cooking with the cauliflower or […] More

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    Glazed Carrots Simply Made

    Carrots glazed bittman

    PrintGlazed CarrotsAuthor Steve Albert Don’t miss out on this simple carrot recipe. It’s delicious! InstructionsPeel the carrots and cut them into rounds or sticks. Be sure the pieces are about the same size so that they cook evenly. (If you use baby carrots, don’t bother to peel them.)Put the carrots in a saucepan or heavy […] More