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    How to Grow Onion Sets


    Onion sets are small, dry onion bulbs grown the previous season but not allowed to mature. Grow your own onion sets from seed. It is not difficult, does not require much time, and can put you ahead in both time and money. Planted in the second season onion sets produce an early crop of bulb […] More

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    How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Taro

    Taro tubers in the kitchen

    Taro–also called Dasheen–is a perennial tropical or subtropical plant commonly grown for its starchy but sweet flavored tuber. Taro is always served cooked, not raw. The taro tuber is cooked like a potato, has a doughy texture, and can be used to make flour. Young taro leaves and stems can be eaten after boiling twice […] More

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    Shallots: Kitchen Basics

    raw shallots

    Shallots have a sweet, delicate flavor and aroma. They are more subtle than onion and less pungent than garlic. Shallots can be served raw or cooked. Shallots are most often used as a condiment to enhance the flavor of other foods, but they can be cooked alone as a vegetable. Fresh green shallots with the […] More

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    How to Cook and Serve Garlic

    Garlic roasted

    Garlic is one of the most common vegetables used for flavoring other foods. It is also one of the best-tasting cooked vegetables. Garlic Flavor A whole garlic clove sautéed in oil will have a sweet, delicate flavor. A whole garlic clove cooked slowly will have a mellow, nutty flavor. Cut garlic—raw or cooked—will be pungent […] More

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    Six Ways to Cook and Serve Leeks

    Leeks fresh sliced1

    Leeks can be steamed, braised, grilled, and poached. You can also make leek au gratin and leek-potato soup. The flavor and fragrance of leeks are more subtle, more delicate and sweeter than onions How to Choose Leeks Select leeks that are straight, firm and intact with crisp, upright, brightly colored leaves and that have unblemished […] More

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    Tropea Onion—the Red Torpedo

    Onions red torpedo1

    There is an onion that comes from Tropea in Calabria, Italy that you will enjoy. It is a mild or “sweet” flavored red onion—many say the sweetest-tasting onion in the world–that will be a welcome addition to the preparation of many meals, and, if all else fails, you can just about make a meal of […] More