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    How to Plant and Grow Cucumbers

    Cucumber on vine 1

    Cucumbers–natives of India–love warm weather. Wait until soil and air temperatures average 70°F each day before sowing or transplanting cumbers to the garden. While warm temperatures are required for growing, cucumbers require a relatively short season–55 to 60 days from sowing to harvest. In long-season regions, you can plant successive crops. In cool or short-season […] More

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    How to Plant and Grow Tomatoes

    Tomatoes on vine

    The tomato is native to semi-tropical western South America. Tomatoes are warm-season annuals. To grow strong and healthy and to bear fruit, tomatoes require sun, warm air and soil temperatures, and rich, loamy, evenly moist soil. Tomatoes grow best when the soil temperature is at least 55°F (12°C) and the air temperature ranges between 65° […] More

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    Grow Tomatoes on Stakes

    Tomatoes Trained to Single Stakes

    Grow tomatoes on stakes to ripen fruits earlier than plants that are not staked. Grow tomatoes on stakes to keep fruit cleaner and easier to spot at harvest. You can grow almost twice as many staked tomatoes in a given area than if you let plants grow unstaked or in cages. Tomatoes grown on stakes […] More

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    How to Grow Sweet Bell Peppers

    Sweet bell peppers

    Peppers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. From mild, sweet bell peppers to fiery, spicy chili peppers, there is a pepper to fit everyone’s taste. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your garden, consider growing some peppers! Sweet peppers and hot peppers can be grown from seeds […] More

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    How to Plant and Grow Eggplant

    Eggplant young fruit flowered attached

    Eggplant is a very tender warm season perennial grown as an annual. Grow eggplant in the warmest, frost-free time of the year. The edible fruit can be long and slender or round or egg-shaped fruit. The fruit is creamy-white, yellow, brown, purple, or sometimes almost black. Eggplant is a small- to medium-sized bush vegetable that […] More

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    How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Celery

    Celery plant 1

    Celery is a cool-weather crop. It requires a long growing season–16 weeks of cool weather to come to harvest. Celery is a hardy biennial grown as an annual. It has a rosette of 12- to 18-inch (30-45cm)  stalks, topped with divided leaves. Celery is grown for its edible stalks, leaves, and seeds. Celery is the […] More