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    Growing Bulb Onions: Pick the Right Variety for Your Garden


    Bulb onions are particular about where they grow. Onion bulb formation is triggered by the number of summer daylight hours. Bulb-forming onions can be divided into three types. Three types of bulbing onions Long-day onions require about 15 hours of summer daylight. Short-day onions require about 12 hours of summer daylight. Day-neutral (also called intermediate-day) […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Onions

    Onion bulbs

    Harvest bulb onions when they reach full size, about 90 to 100 days after sowing. Harvest the leafy tops of green onions any time after the plant has grown 6 inches tall or taller. Bulb onions—also called main crop onions–are commonly sliced or chopped and served raw in salads or on hamburgers or sandwiches or […] More

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    How to Grow Onion Sets


    Onion sets are small, dry onion bulbs grown the previous season but not allowed to mature. Grow your own onion sets from seed. It is not difficult, does not require much time, and can put you ahead in both time and money. Planted in the second season onion sets produce an early crop of bulb […] More

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    When to Plant Onion Seeds

    Onion seedlings

    Onions are easy to grow from seed, but you must start early. In the Northern Hemisphere, sow onion seeds indoors in January and February, outdoors in April or May. Onion bulb formation and daylight Onion bulb formation is influenced by the length of daylight and the hours of dark each day. So-called long-day onions form […] More

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    Onion Growing Quick Tips

    Onion Bianca di Maggio 2

    Sowing: Sow onion seed in the garden after all danger of frost has passed in spring and the soil is at least 55°F (13°C)—warmer is better. In warm-winter regions, plant onions outdoors in the fall. Start onion seed indoors 8 weeks before transplanting seedlings to the garden. Sow seeds in a warm, well-lighted location—in a […] More

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    Onion Growing Tips

    Onion Row1

    Onions are a high yield crop. Twenty to 50 onions can grow in 1 to 1½ square feet of space. But onions are easily grown in odd spaces alongside both slower and faster growing vegetables. Green onions can be ready in 20 to 30 days after planting. Dry bulb onions can take 100 to 175 […] More

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    Planting Onions

    onions in garden

    Grow onions from seed, seedlings, or sets (small dry onion bulbs started the year before). Bulbing onions require 80 to 120 days to reach harvest. Green onions are harvested before they form bulbs, in 40 days or less. Spring onions form small, immature bulbs and are harvested in 40 to 60 days. Onion Planting Calendar. […] More