How to Grow Corn Salad – Mache

Corn salad also known as mache and lamb's lettuce

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Corn salad is also known as lamb’s lettuce and mache. Corn salad is an easy-to-grow green with a mild, nutty flavor and gentle texture. It can be lightly cooked like spinach or eaten raw with an oil vinaigrette.

Corn salad is a low-growing, small-leaved, hardy annual. It rarely grows more than 4 inches (10cm) high with a similar spread. It is an ideal crop for intercropping or under-cropping.

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When to planting corn salad

For a late spring/ early summer harvest, sow corn salad directly in the garden in late winter or early spring; sow seeds under the cover of a plastic tunnel or frost blanket if you expect a temperature as low as 28°F (12°C).

For summer use, sow corn salad in early to mid-spring. For autumn use, sow early to mid-summer, but be aware plants may bolt in hot weather.

Corn salad seed sowing

Sow seeds in narrow or broad drills about 4 inches (10cm) apart or broadcast the seeds. Thinning is usually not necessary. Moisten the drills or cove the beds with moist fleece until seeds germinate.

Corn salad is a good choice to intercrop between onions or shallots.

Corn salad seed can be broadcast and does not require thinning

Corn salad seed sowing dates

(These dates are for the Northern Hemisphere)

Average date of the last frostPlanting dates
Jan. 30Jan. 1-Feb. 15
Feb. 8Jan. 1-Feb. 15
Feb. 18Jan. 1-Mar. 15
Feb. 28Jan. 1-Mar. 15
Mar. 10Jan. 1-Mar. 15
Mar. 20Jan. 1-Mar. 15
Mar. 30Jan. 1-Mar. 15
Apr. 10Feb. 1-Apr. 1
Apr. 20Feb. 14-Apr. 15
Apr. 30Mar. 1-May 1
May 10Apr. 1-June 1
May 20Apr. 15-June 1
May 30May 1-June 15
June 10May 15-June 15
Corn salad plant ready for harvest

Corn salad planting details

  • Sowing depth: ¼ inch (6mm) or less
  • Space between plant after thinning: 4-6 inches (10-15cm)
  • Days to sprout: 7
  • Days to harvest: 84 days for mature plants; small plants can be harvested at an edible size
  • Storage period: 4 weeks
  • Seeds per 100-row feet: ½ ounce (14 grams)
  • Yield per 100-row feet: 45 pounds (20kg)
  • Types: Large-leaved type has somewhat floppy leaves and habit; often called ‘English’ of ‘Dutch” type. ‘Vert’/’Green’ type is squatter and smaller than large-leaved types; often used for late sowings.

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