Early July Fresh at the Farm Market

How hot is it where you live?

It’s been toasty hot here in the Sonoma Valley this week, approaching the high 90’s everyday this past week.

Of course, that is good news if you are a tomato or zucchini. They seem to be doing just fine!

And the first local watermelon should be making an appearance soon.

Here is a list of the crops that you will find at the farm markets in Sonoma and San Francisco and many other farm markets around the country this week:

First of season: Basil, boysenberries, cilantro, corn, cucumbers, dill, eggplants, figs, new potatoes, sage, scallions, tomatoes, watermelons.

Peak of season: Avocadoes, beets, blueberries, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, chard, chipotles, dried fruit, garlic, herb starts, honey, lavender, leaf lettuce, leeks, mushrooms, nectarines, nopalitos, olives, onions, yellow and white peaches, plums, radishes, raisins, raspberries, salad mix, spinach, strawberries, string beans, summer squash, wine and apple cider vinegars, fresh herbs including chives, dill, French tarragon, garlic chives, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, Russian tarragon, oregano, and culinary bay leaves.

End of season: Apricots, cauliflower, lemons, olallieberries, snow peas, Valencia oranges, vegetable starts.

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