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    Best Shrubs for Foundation Plantings 

    Foundation plantings are plants–commonly shrubs–planted along or near the foundation of a building intended to hide the barren stretch along the foot of a wall. Foundation plantings were once used to hide cellar windows; the need to mask walls has grown less as home builders have tended to lower house foundations. But the arrangement of […] More

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    Cut Flower Basics

    Cut flowers need proper care to prolong the length of time you can enjoy them. Here are a few suggestions: Tips for favorite cut flowers Favorite flower calendar Here is a birth month flower calendar: January, carnation; February, primrose; March violet; April, daisy or lily; June, rose; July, waterlily; August, poppy; September, dahlia; October, begonia; […] More

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    22 Flowering Perennials for Cutting

    Perennials produce colorful flowers for cutting and display in the home. Perennials are plants that live more than two years, as distinguished from annuals and biennials. Perennials have been cut flower favorites for generations. In many old-time gardens, most of the plants were hardy perennials, such as phlox, peonies, delphinium, and bleeding heart. Because of […] More

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    11 Flowering Bulbs for Cutting

    Bulbs are remarkably beautiful flowers and they are remarkably beautiful cut flowers. Bulbs flower in a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes. They can be grown indoors as well as out, and they are relatively easy to grow. As cut flowers they certainly rival annuals and perennials. Botanically speaking a bulb is an encased […] More

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    20 Perennials That Bloom for 6 to 8 Weeks

    Perennials are often referred to as the “busy gardener’s favorites” because they make unnecessary the sowing of seeds or the setting out of transplants every year. A perennial is in the garden for at least two years and most for much longer. Perennials, especially in their flowering habit, offer the gardener many advantages. Added advantage: […] More

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    Shrubs with Showy Flowers Season-by-Season 

    Shrubs with showy flowers can bring color to your garden throughout the year. There are shrubs that flower every season. Considering their permanent character and importance to the structure of a garden, why not choose flowering shrubs to add color and interest to your garden. Shrubs can be used for carpeting the ground to clothing […] More

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    How to Grow Orchids

    Most orchids are easy to grow. All you need to do is give them what they need. In a nutshell, orchids need suitable potting soil or medium, adequate light, a warm environment–about the temperature of your house, water, fertilizer, and fresh air. These needs are just about the same for all houseplants. There are about […] More

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    12 Favorite Orchids to Grow Indoors

    Orchids make beautiful and interesting houseplants. They are not as finicky or as difficult to grow as their reputation might suggest. After all, there are nearly 1,000 genera and more than 100,000 species of orchids to choose from and those that make their way into garden centers or supermarkets are there because they are, in […] More

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    25 Plants for Arid and Desert Gardens

    Desert and arid conditions are extreme: dry air, temperatures that can fluctuate between very hot and very cold (even in a 24 hour period), and months and months with little rain or moisture. Even so, many plants have adapted to these conditions and can be grown in desert and arid regions. Here are 25 plants […] More