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    20 Trees and Shrubs with Decorative Bark

    Trees and shrubs with decorative bark can add another element of interest to the garden. There are colorful barks, flaking barks, and peeling barks. Some trees and shrubs have all three. Tree and shrub size and form are commonly the first things gardeners look at when choosing a tree or shrub for the garden. Not far […] More

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    30 Best Shrubs for Fall Color

    Many shrubs that have been a backdrop to summer flowers take center stage in autumn. Brilliant and bold leaves (and berries) take over the garden in fall just as the last bright blooms of summer fade. Autumn shrub colors are the result of plants winding down their growing season. As plants cease the production of […] More

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    45 Plants that Provide Food for Songbirds 

    Songbirds look to many annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees as a natural source of food throughout the year. Nearly all plants that attract songbirds are equally attractive to humans for their colorful flowers, fruits, and leaves. A steady supply of seeds, nuts, and berries will bring a variety of birds to your yard. Set aside […] More

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    Shrubs with Showy Berries 

    Many shrubs are grown for their attractive colored berries or fruit that commonly appear in autumn or winter.  Some varieties produce more abundant crops than others. The right growing conditions are important for berry and fruit production. Some shrubs produce male and female flowers on separate plants (these are referred to as dioecious). Cross-pollination must […] More

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    16 Drought-Tolerant Annuals

    There are many flowering annuals that don’t need much moisture to look great. They have adapted to environments with hot sunny conditions or prolonged dry spells. If drought or water restrictions are common where you live, choose plants that can get along without ample water. Grow drought-tolerant plants to make your garden less water-dependent. They […] More

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    Types of Roses to Grow in Your Garden

    Roses are generally grouped into categories. For many years there were seven commonly recognized rose categories: hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, miniature roses, climbers, old-fashioned roses, and shrub roses. More recently, as roses have become more widely grown and their history understood, rose categories have expanded. Old Roses and Modern Roses There are two broad categories […] More

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    15 Flowering Bulbs for Spring, Summer, and Autumn

    Bulbs are among the easiest and most rewarding of all garden plants. Spring, summer, and autumn flowering bulbs can bring sensational color to the garden. Most flowering bulbs are perennials. Planted once, most will bloom for several years, and many naturalize, meaning they produce offspring that will carry on for many additional years to come. […] More

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    Colorful Autumn and Winter Foliage Plants

    Many trees, shrubs, and perennials are grown especially for their autumn foliage color. Autumn is a time when many deciduous plants and a few evergreens make their presence known. Many people find the colors of autumn the loveliest of the year. Autumn plant color is part of the natural processes which begin with the shortening […] More

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    Rabbit-Resistant Flowering Plants

    Rabbit-resistant plants are one solution to preventing rabbits from consuming the garden. Rabbits can be destructive garden pests, consuming flower, foliage, and tender shoots. When it comes to the garden, rabbits have nothing in their favor except their attractive appearance and engaging manner, and the fact that they seem to be nobody’s enemy. That said, […] More