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    How to Grow Bedding Begonias

    Bedding begonias–also called wax begonias, fibrous begonias, or annual begonias–are colorful tender perennials commonly grown as annuals. One-inch pink, white, red, or bi-color blooms are either single or double. Flowers appear from spring through fall. There are many strains or cultivars of bedding begonias. Foliage is nearly as colorful as the blooms in some cultivars. […] More

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    How to Grow Catmint – Nepeta

    Nepeta - catmint

    Nepeta, also known as catnip or catmint, is a hardy perennial plant that is relatively easy to grow. Nepeta is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is a bushy plant with gray-green leaves that have a pungent aroma when crushed. Nepeta produces small, lavender-blue flowers that bloom in spikes during […] More

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    How to Grow Wallflower – Cherianthus

    Erysimum cheriei

    Cheiranthus, commonly known as wallflowers, are perennial plants that are relatively easy to grow. Cherianthus bears showy, terminal spikes of bright, sweet fragrant flowers adding a pop of color to the garden. Cherianthus is a great cut flower than can be enjoyed indoors. It also attracts butterflies and pollinators to the garden. Cherianthus are small […] More

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    How to Grow Bluets – Hedyotis

    Hedyotis called bluets

    Hedyotis is a large genus of mostly low-growing perennials and annuals. Hedyotis michauxii is a species often grown in gardens and as a houseplant. It is a low, creeping plant with sky-blue flowers — four, cross-shaped petals with a creamy yellow center. Other species of Hedyotis have white flowers. Hedyotis prefers warm soil and air […] More

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    How to Grow Primrose — Primula

    Primrose is a large genus of popular garden plants. There are at least 425 species of hardy and tender perennials commonly called primroses or primulas. Primroses are usually semi-evergreen. They produce rosettes of narrow to broadly rounded leaves and clusters of tubular, bell-shaped, or funnel-shaped flowers. The name primrose is believed to come from the […] More