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    Groundcovers for Wet Sites

    Usually wet soil and boggy soil poses a difficult problem for the gardener. Few plants can thrive where roots remain wet nearly all of the time. Some plants native to boggy soil or that grow at the edge of lakes and rivers can transform a sodden area of the garden into a green and colorful […] More

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    Groundcovers for Shade

    Groundcovers that grow in shade are especially useful to cover the ground beneath trees where grass does not grow. Shade-tolerant groundcovers can help turn barren soil into a pleasant garden scene. Most shade-tolerant groundcovers are native to woodland areas where there is full shade or dappled shade. Groundcovers do best where there is a modest […] More

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    Vines to Grow by Height

    Vines can be used to clothe porches, trellises, arbors, pergolas, and post. Vines can be used to clamber up old tree-trunks or cover the bare ground beneath. Vines are used for both their floral and foliage effect. Most vines are vigorous growers and are expected to remain in place for many years. Determine how high […] More

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    Vines for Shade

    Tall trees and buildings can create shade. Planting a shady location requires plants adapted to growing without direct sunlight and tolerant of shade. Shade-tolerant vines can be used on the north side of buildings; they can also be grown on arbors, trellises, and fences under tall trees. Many shade-tolerant vines are native to woodland regions […] More

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    Shrubs and Trees That Withstand Shade

    Growing trees and shrubs in shade can be a challenge if you choose plants that prefer sunny conditions. If you choose plants that are adapted to shady conditions, shade gardening is quite enjoyable and barely any work at all. There are many shrubs and trees that prefer shade. They are understory plants that like the […] More

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    Tender Annual Flowers

    Annuals are plants that grow from seed, attain their mature growth, flower, and produce seed in one year or less; they then die having completed their life-cycle. Annuals can be divided into those that are hardy, meaning they can withstand a light frost, those that are half-hardy, meaning they can withstand cool temperatures but not […] More

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    Spring Flowering Trees

    Flowering trees are among the most popular ornamental plants. Spring flowering trees are especially valued for the bold way they signal the start of the warm time of the year. Flowering crab apples, dogwoods, hawthorns, redbuds, and cherries are harbingers of spring. Flowering trees make a tremendous impact in bloom even if many bloom only […] More