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Vines to Grow by Height

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Vines can be used to clothe porches, trellises, arbors, pergolas, and post. Vines can be used to clamber up old tree-trunks or cover the bare ground beneath. Vines are used for both their floral and foliage effect.

Most vines are vigorous growers and are expected to remain in place for many years. Determine how high and wide you need a vine to cover, then go shopping.

As a general rule, planting is best done in spring, and in most cases it is a good plan to cut the plants back pretty severely so as to induce good basal growth. Watch young shoots and see that they are properly secured from the start.

Here are easy-to-grow vines by height at maturity. All of these vines will grow in average soil with minimal care once established.

Scarlet runner vine, Phaseolus coccineus
Scarlet runner vine, Phaseolus coccineus

Small Vines/ 10 feet (3m) tall or less

Common NameBotanical NameZone
Black-eyed Susan vineThunbergia alata9-12
Clematis, large floweredClematis spp.4-11
Jasmine, starTracelospermum jasminoides9-10
NasturtiumTropaeolum majus9-11
Bean, scarlet runnerPhaseolus coccineus7-11
Sweet peaLathyrus odoratus9-10
Sweet potato vineIpomoea batatas9-11
Moonflower and Moon vine, Ipomoea alba
Moonflower and Moon vine, Ipomoea alba

Medium Tall Vines/ 10-20 (3-6m) feet tall

Common NameBotanical NameZone
Cardinal climberIpomoea x sloteri9-12
Hyacinth beanLablab purpureus9-11
MoonflowerIpomoea alba9-12
Morning gloryIpomoea tricolor9-12
Trumpet Vine, Campis radicans
Trumpet Vine, Campis radicans

Tall Vines/ 20 feet (6m) or more

Common NameBotanical NameZone
Bittersweet, AmericanCelastrus scandens3-8
Euonymus, wintercreeperEuonymus fortunei5-9
Hydrangea, climbingHydrangea anomala4-9
Ivy, EnglishHedera helix5-11
FirethornPyracantha coccinea6-9
HoneysucklesLonicera spp.4-9
Sliver lace vinePolygonum aubertii4-8
Trumpet creeperCampis radicans5-9
Virginia creeperParthenocissus quiquefolia4-9

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Written by Stephen Albert

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