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How to Grow Bells of Ireland — Moluccella

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Moluccella–commonly called Bells of Ireland–bears small, tubular, 2-lipped hooded flowers from summer to autumn. The flowers are borne in whorls of 6 to 8 flowers each with a pale green calyx. Bells of Ireland is an annual with broadly, ovate, deeply scalloped, pale green leaves.

Grow Moluccella in a mixed or annual border. The unusual flower spikes are useful for dried flower arrangements.

Moluccella is a genus of 4 species of annuals and short-lived perennials. Moluccella is native to the Mediterranean to Northwestern India.

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Bells of Ireland Moluccella laevis
Bells of Ireland Moluccella laevis

Get to know Moluccella

  • Plant type: Annual
  • Growing Zones and range: Zones 3 to 11
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Height and width: 24 to 36 inches (60-90cm) tall and 9 inches (23cm) wide
  • Foliage: 4-sided stems; opposite rounded to ovate mid- to pale-green leaves
  • Flowers: Luminous green, bell-shaped flowers on a tall vertical stem
  • Flower colors: White or pale pink blossoms set in pale green cups
  • Bloom time: Summer
  • Uses: Cut flowers fresh or dried cutting flowers, cottage, and meadow gardens
  • Common name: Bells of Ireland
  • Botanical name: Moluccella laevis
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Origin: the Mediterranean to Northwestern India

Where to plant Moluccella

  • Grow Moluccella in full sun.
  • Plant Moluccella in loose, humus-rich, well-drained soil.

Moluccella uses

  • Moluccella is an interesting addition to a mixed border.
  • Flowers are charming in bouquets and can also be dried for use in winter arrangements.
Bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis
Bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis

When to plant Moluccella

  • Sow seeds in spring. In Zones 3-6, sow seeds directly on the soil surface in early spring a few weeks before the last frost. In Zones 8-11, sow seeds in late autumn.

Planting and spacing Moluccella

  • Space Moluccella 6 to 8 inches (15-20cm) apart.

How to water and feed Moluccella

  • Keep the soil evenly moist for Moluccella.
  • Fertilize Moluccella every 4 to 6 weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer or work a slow-release fertilizer into the soil at planting time.

Bells of Moluccella care

  • Mulch around Moluccella to conserve soil moisture.
  • Remove spent blossoms to encourage more blooms.

Molucella pests and diseases

  • Molucella is seldom bothered by pests and diseases.
Bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis
Bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis

Moluccella propagration

  • Sow seed in early to mid-spring indoors or sow seed in the garden in late spring.
  • Seeds germinate in 7 to 18 days at 58° to 62°F (14-17°C) when lightly covered with vermiculite. Plants will be large enough for transplanting in 21 to 45 days. Flowers usually appear in summer, but not always.

Moluccella varieties to grow

  • Moluccella lavevis, Bells of Ireland, is an annual with deeply scalloped, pale green leaves; bears whorls of 6 to 8 fragrant, white to pale purplish-pink flowers in 9 to 12-inch spikes in late summer; each flower is cupped in a pale green calyx; plants grow to 36 inches (90cm) tall.

Molucella frequently asked questions

Q: How do I grow bells-of-Ireland from seed?

A: Sow Molucella seed when the soil has warmed and the last frost has passed. You can start seed indoors before the last frost. Do not cover the seed; it needs light to germinate. Keep the seedbed constantly moist until germination. If you start seeds indoors, refrigerate them for 5 days before sowing.

Q: How do I grow bells-of-Ireland for flower arranging?

A: Groom the flowering stem by removing all the leave. Leave only the flowering bell-like bracts on the stem. Stake the stems in summer to produce long, straight stems.

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