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11 Easy-to-Grow Fragrant Vines

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Fragrant vines are a good choice for arbors, trellises, and pergolas near outdoor sitting areas or entries. Fragrances in addition to colorful flowers and foliage make these vines a welcome addition to outdoor living areas.

The vines listed here are notable for their sweet and sometimes even heady fragrance. Fragrance is often compounded in warm weather.

Choose a vine suitable to your growing region and know the height and spread of the vine at maturity so that you can match the plant to the support or area that needs coverage.

Most vines listed here are perennials and are hardy to even cold regions. A few are annuals; these are fast growers but must be planted anew each spring.

Jasminum officinale has a heady fragrance in summer

Here are easy-to-grow fragrant vines. Take this list along when shopping for fragrant vines. For growing information, click on the common name in red.

Common NameBotanical NameZone
Clematis, evergreenClematis armandii7-9
Clematis, sweet autumnClematis paniculata4-9
Honeysuckles, JapaneseLonicera japonica and spp.Varies
HoyaHoya spp.11
Jasmine, MadagascarStephanotis floribunda10-11
Jasmine, some typesJasminum spp.9-11
Jasmine, starTrachelospermum jasminoides8-10
MoonflowerIpomoea albaAnnual
Roses, climbing, someRosa spp.Varies
Sweet peaLathyrus latifoliusAnnual
WisteriaWisteria floribunda5-9

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Written by Stephen Albert

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