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    Vegetable Planting Times Roadmap

    Radish sprouts

    The three most active planting periods in the vegetable garden are: Early spring before the last frost when hardy frost-tolerant cool-season vegetables can be planted for late spring and early summer harvest. Late spring to early summer, 2 weeks or more after the last frost when tender crops can be planted for summer harvest. Mid […] More

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    Growing Season Worksheet


    Your growing season is the number of frost-free days where you live. Growing seasons vary from one region to the next and sometimes from one part of town to the next. Frost dates There are two important dates that you must consider before selecting your crops and deciding when to plant: (1) you must know […] More

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    Know Your Warm-Season Crops

    bell peppers in garden

    Success growing many vegetable crops is driven by warm temperatures. Not surprisingly, warm-season vegetables grow best in warm weather. Here are the key temperatures you need to keep in mind to successfully grow warm-season vegetables: Soil temperature: Warm-season crops require a minimum soil temperature of 60°F (16°C) but 70°F (21°C) is optimal. Air temperature: The […] More

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    Planting Cool-Season Crops

    Cool-season butterhead lettuce

    Cool-season vegetables grow best in early spring or in autumn when the weather is cooler. This article will list vegetables that can be planted in the cool time of the year. Cool-season vegetables should be planted in late winter or early spring so that they mature in mid-to-late spring before the weather grows warm. Cool-season […] More

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    What Every Vegetable Garden Needs

    Vegetable garden plan

    Here are basic elements needed by every vegetable garden: Sunlight is a must Vegetables need a lot of sunlight to grow well. The most productive vegetable garden must receive no less than six full hours of sunlight each day; eight hours is best. Your vegetable garden should not fall in the shadows of trees, shrubs, […] More