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    Improving Vegetable Garden Soil pH

    Lettuce seedlings

    If a test of your vegetable garden soil shows that is too acidic or too alkaline, you can improve the pH. The right soil pH is important for vegetable crop growth and yield. Most vegetables do best in neutral or slightly acid soil. Gardeners often called acid soil “sour” and alkaline soil “sweet.” Acid or […] More

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    Soil pH and Vegetable Crop Nutrition

    soil pH test meter

    Vegetable crops and other plants get most of the nutrients they need from the soil; the nutrients are dissolved in soil moisture and taken up by roots (other nutrients come from the air and are taken in by plant leaves). A plant root’s ability to absorb mineral nutrients is affected by the chemical balance of […] More

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    No Dig, Light Dig Vegetable Garden Preparation

    Raking garden soil

    There is an alternative to turning the soil with a tiller or spade. The no-dig or light-dig garden preparation method calls for spreading soil amendments across planting beds and allowing rain, wind, and soil organisms to naturally carry the amendments and their nutrients down into the soil. Using the no-dig method, an inch or two […] More

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    Making Compost for Your Vegetable Garden

    Wood compost bin

    Compost is one of the best soil additives for a vegetable garden. It is also one of the least expensive. Composting turns garden and kitchen waste materials into a rich, organic amendment. The main components of compost are lawn clippings, vegetable refuse, straw, leaves, and animal manure. When making compost, it is often necessary to […] More

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    Key Ingredients of Garden Soil

    Radish in garden soil

    What makes good garden soil? Here are some key ingredients: Air and water in the soil Half the volume of soil is air and water which fill the spaces or pores between crumbs of soil. Plant roots and soil microorganisms breathe in oxygen from the soil air. Plant roots absorb minerals dissolved in soil water. […] More

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    Your Vegetable Garden Soil

    spading fork in soil

    Garden wisdom: “Don’t try to grow a 5 dollar plant in a 50 cent hole. For the best results, grow a 50 cent plant in a 5 dollar hole.” Growing vegetables starts with the soil. Soil is a mix of fine rock particles, water, air, organic matter, microorganisms, and other animals including worms. Soil is […] More