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    How to Grow Elderberry

    Grow elderberry

    Elderberry grows in home gardens. Elderberry is a large shrub or small tree that bears large clusters of small white or cream-colored flowers in late spring; these are followed by clusters of small, smooth, round black or blue-black berries in late summer. There are 200 species of elderberry growing around the world; some are edible […] More

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    How to Grow Cranberries

    Cranberry harvest

    Cranberries are not hard to grow. They do require cool temperatures, acidic soil, and plenty of water. The cranberry is a low, creeping, evergreen shrub, almost a vine. It has a woody stem that runs along the ground. Stems can grow 6 or 8 feet long. Upright shoots grow from the stems. Berries form at […] More

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    How to Grow Pineapple

    Grow Pineapple

    Grow pineapples in tropical or near-tropical gardens. Pineapples can grow indoors if it is warm and there is plenty of light. The pineapple plant is short and stout. It grows 2 ½ to 5 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide at maturity. It has strap-like leaves that are serrated with needle tips. The […] More

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    How to Grow Bananas

    grow banana

    Bananas can grow and fruit where conditions are right. Fruiting banana plants require temperatures that average about 80°F during the day and about 70°F at night. Constant humidity of about 50 percent and daylight around twelve hours each day are ideal. Bananas will fruit in less than ideal conditions but the quality of the fruit […] More

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    How to Grow Guava

    Grow guava

    Grow guava in your garden. Guava is a tropical and subtropical plant. Guava is native to Southern Mexico. In the United States, it is grown mostly in Florida, Hawaii, Southern California, and parts of Texas. With protection, it can be grown in USDA Zones 8b and 9. Guava is round to pear-shaped fruit commonly 2 […] More

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    How to Grow Mango

    grow mango

    Mango trees can grow in the home garden. The mango is native to southern Asia and eastern India. Mangoes are among the most widely cultivated fruits in the tropics. There are more than 500 hundred cultivars of mango. Some can grow more than 100 feet tall and more than 30 feet wide. Smaller dwarf cultivars […] More

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    How to Grow Papaya

    How to grow papaya

    Grow papaya in tropical and subtropical regions. Papaya is an evergreen tree that grows 8 to 30 feet tall depending on the variety. Papayas are native to Mexico and northern South America. In the United States, they are grown in Florida, Texas, Southern California and Hawaii. There are two types of papaya: Hawaiian or “yellow […] More

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    How to Grow Cherimoya

    Grow cherimoya

    Cherimoya is a heart-shaped fruit grown on a mostly evergreen tree native to Ecuador and Peru. Cherimoya fruit range in weight from about ¼ to 2½ pounds. The fruit has a dull green skin with thumbprint-like indentations edged in brown. Inside is a creamy, custard-like pulp with a flavor reminiscent of banana, pineapple, and pear. […] More

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    How to Grow Passion Fruit

    grow passion fruit

    Passion fruit is a form of berry that grows on the passion fruit plant. There are two types of passion fruit purple and yellow. The fruit of the purple passion fruit plant is purple. That fruit is slightly smaller than a lemon. The fruit of the yellow passion fruit plant is bright yellow. That fruit […] More

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    How to Grow Feijoa Pineapple Guava

    Grow feijoa

    Feijo, also called pineapple guava, is a small oval fruit with smooth, gray-green skin and creamy white flesh that is juicy and pearlike. The flavor of feijoa is sweet and reminiscent of pineapple, pear, and banana. Feijo fruit resembles unripe medium-size guava from a distance. The fruit is 2½ inches long and 2 inches in […] More

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    How to Grow Mulberries

    Grow mulberries

    Mulberries look like blackberries, but they grow on a tree, not a bush. Mulberries are not difficult to grow once established. There are three kinds of mulberry trees: black, red, and white. Black mulberry fruit is large, 1 to 2 inches long, and juicy; they have an intense sweet-tart flavor. The tartness of black mulberry […] More

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    How to Grow Loquats

    How to grow loquats

    Loquats are easy to grow. They produce plum-sized fruits that are sweet and tangy. Loquats are large evergreen shrubs or small trees. They can grow 20 to 30 feet tall but are usually about 10 feet tall or slightly larger. Loquat fruits are round, oval, or pear-shaped, 1 to 2 inches long with a smooth, […] More