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    How to Grow Rhubarb

    Rhubarb stalks close under leaves

    Rhubarb is grown for its leaf stems (called petioles) which are thick and fleshy. The stems are colorful—cherry-red to deep red and sometimes green–and tart. They are used in jams and pies—with plenty of sugar added—and are often matched with the sweetness of strawberries. Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that requires a dedicated growing spot […] More

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    When to Plant Rhubarb

    Rhubarb shoots

    Rhubarb can be grown from seeds or crowns. Plant rhubarb crowns as soon as the soil can be worked in spring, about 4 to 5 weeks before the last frost. Start rhubarb seeds indoors 5 to 7 weeks before the last frost; transplant seedlings into the garden after the last frost. Rhubarb crowns can also […] More

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    Rhubarb Growing Quick Tips

    Rhubarb stalks

    Sowing seed and planting crowns (roots): Rhubarb is a perennial plant that can grow for 10 to 15 years or longer. Rhubarb can be grown from seed or crowns. If you grow rhubarb from seed, your first harvest will come in 3-4 years. If you grow rhubarb from crowns (established roots), the first harvest will […] More

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    Rhubarb Crumble

    Rhubarb crumble

    Rhubarb is among the first crops of the year–along with asparagus and radishes. Use rhubarb that is firm like celery, not limp. You may want to “string” the rhubarb stalks before cutting them. Just hold the end of a stalk between your thumb and a paring knife and pull the strings down the length of […] More

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    Rhubarb Planting Time

    Rhubarb stalks

    Plant rhubarb in late winter or early spring. Rhubarb is a perennial so choose a spot where it can grow and thrive for up to 10 years. Three or four root crowns will produce all of the rhubarb you can eat. Bare-root rhubarb rhizomes are most readily available for sale in nurseries in late winter […] More

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    Rhubarb Cooking and Serving Tips

    Stewed rhubarb

    Rhubarb is sharp and pungent with a fresh spring taste. Fresh rhubarb sauce and pie season starts in early spring and runs nearly to the first day of summer. Often thought of as a fruit, rhubarb is a vegetable. In some regions, rhubarb is so much thought of as a dessert fruit that it is […] More