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    October Planting Zone-by-Zone

    Fall vegetable garden

    October is a busy month in the vegetable, herb, and fruit garden. Some summer crops are still ripening in the garden. Most are at harvest stage if they have not already been harvested. Check your planting calendar to make sure you harvest warm-season crops at their maturity date or soon after; don’t let them linger […] More

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    USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

    USDA map

    This map of climate zones will help you select plants for your garden that will survive a typical winter in your region. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the map. The ones are based on the average lowest temperatures across the United States. Zone 1 is the coldest region and Zone 11 is […] More

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    How to Start New Plants from Cuttings

    Cuttings from existing plants can be used to start new plants. You can start new plants from trimmings of grapes, figs, perennial herbs such as rosemary and lemon verbena, and even from some vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes. No special tools or equipment are needed to start new plants from cuttings. You will need […] More

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    Damping Off Plant Disease


    Damping off is the term gardeners use to describe the wilting and death of seedlings just before or just after they emerge from the soil. Damping off is caused by a fungus or mold that thrives in cool, wet soil conditions. Seedlings that suddenly collapse or fall over or bare spots in containers or in the […] More