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    When to Plant Radishes

    A bunch of radishes in the garden.

    Radishes grow best in the cooler time of the year. Most are hardy to spring and autumn chills; a few varieties can withstand the summer heat. Sow seeds for small early varieties 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. Plant midseason or summer varieties in mid to late spring. Late varieties—called winter radishes—should be […] More

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    Radish Root and Leafy Green Salad

    Radish salad with chives

    Radish salad combines the crisp, juicy, mild flavor of the radish roots with the tender peppery flavor of young radish leaves—or use spinach, arugula, or leaf lettuce; all ready for the table just before summer. Radish salad is one of my late spring fresh from the garden favorites. The end of spring—just as cool weather […] More

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    Savory Radish-Cabbage Coleslaw

    Cabbage coleslaw1

    1 votePrintSavory Radish-Cabbage ColeslawAuthor Steve Albert Here’s an easy coleslaw you can put together right from the early spring garden. This coleslaw has a sophisticated radish bite to it. It’s savory. No sugar, so it’s not your average picnic slaw. We matched this slaw with grilled salmon and steamed peas and mushrooms and every bite […] More

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    Radish Serving and Cooking Tips

    Radish on lettuce

    Radishes are commonly eaten raw but they are also quite delicious cooked in butter. Radishes can taste mild and sweet or peppery and pungent. Common round and oblong radishes can be bright pink to crimson red, purple, and white. Daikon radishes –common in Asian cooking–are ivory. Black radishes–a winter radish–are spicy hot. Radishes are a […] More

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    Black Spanish Radish

    Radishes black1

    The Black Spanish Radish will add a zingy addition to a fresh garden salad. Some radishes—such as the French breakfast radish—can be mild and almost sweet. Others have a peppery flavor that will zip up your palate right into your nostrils. The black Spanish radish is one of them. The black Spanish radish is a winter-keeping […] More