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    Sliced Cucumber Flavor Matches

    Cucumber sliced1

    Cucumbers are sweet except when they are a tad bitter. Choose cucumbers for their sweetness and refreshing cleanness or for their green grassy astringency and crispness. Sometimes you don’t know which cucumber you will get until you bring it in from the garden and taste it. Always cucumbers are cooling and refreshing—they are, after all, […] More

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    Sliced Tomato Flavor Matches

    Tomato sliced1

    Tomatoes fresh from the garden—medium or large ones—sliced or cherry tomatoes halved and arranged on a plate and served with flavor matches take little time. Serve sliced tomatoes every day with a different flavor match—you will not run out of flavor combinations from the first picked tomato to the last. Choose one or two medium […] More

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    How to Make Fresh Pasta with No Recipe

    Pasta ingredients1

    Fresh pasta is easily made at home—with no recipe. All you need is all-purpose flour, eggs, salt, and a few drops of water. It is delicate and rich flavored and excellent with light sauces–butter and Parmesan cheese, or olive oil, garlic and parsley, or cream and bacon bits, or tomato sauce with an herb or […] More

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    How to Cook and Serve Asparagus with No Recipe

    Asparagus and Hollandaise sauce1

    Cooked asparagus has a subtle sweet grassy flavor. It is a perfect match to salty dairy ingredients such as butter, Parmesan cheese, and hollandaise sauce. Asparagus also is well matched to slightly sulfurous-tasting foods: eggs, shellfish, and garlic. There are three types of asparagus: green asparagus which can be both sweet and slightly tart flavored, […] More

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    Cooking Kale

    Kale steamed1

    Kale is usually cooked and rarely eaten raw because of its strong pungent flavor. Small amounts of raw, young kale can be added to salads to bring a spicy note. Steam kale and serve with butter, lemon juice, and chopped bacon. Kale has large cabbage-like curled leaves, usually soft green but also shades of blue-green […] More