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  • How to Plant and Grow Onions

    How to Grow Onions

    Onions can be grown for their green immature stems or they can be grown for their mature bulbs. These strong-smelling plants have been extremely popular for centuries. Two main types of onions are grown in the home garden: the young, green or white, bunching sorts eaten fresh and before the mature bulb has formed, and […] More

  • How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Taro

    Taro tubers in the kitchen

    Taro–also called Dasheen–is a perennial tropical or subtropical plant commonly grown for its starchy but sweet flavored tuber. Taro is always served cooked, not raw. The taro tuber is cooked like a potato, has a doughy texture, and can be used to make flour. Young taro leaves and stems can be eaten after boiling twice […] More

  • How to Grow Goldenstar — Chrysogonum

    Goldenstar, Chrysogonum, is also known as green and gold. It is a low-growing perennial groundcover with dark green leaves and bright golden blooms. Goldenstar is attractive under the shade of trees and shrubs and in woodland gardens. Chrysogonum flowers have five rays and resemble stars. Bloom is heavy in spring and fall, but sporadic through […] More

  • How to Grow Geum

    Geum is a perennial grown for its brightly colored globular or cup-shaped flowers in shades of white, yellow, red, and orange. They are a vibrant addition to the front of an herbaceous border or large rock garden. Geum blooms throughout the summer. Flowers can be single, semi-double, or double. Blooms appear above handsome foliage, leaves […] More

  • How to Plant, Grow, Prune, and Harvest Kiwifruit

    bigstock Juicy fruits of kiwi fruit Ki 233114923

    Kiwifruits are easy to grow. They grow in clusters like grapes. Each is about the size of an egg or smaller. They have firm flesh like a melon and a flavor that is a blend of melon, banana, lime, and strawberry. There are several kiwifruit varieties, some for growing in warm winter regions, and some […] More

  • How to Plant and Grow Melons

    Melon muskmelon1

    Melons grow best when summers are hot, dry, and almost always sunny. The best-flavored melons will come from the hottest-growing regions. Both cloudy and rainy weather will slow and all but stop melon growth. Melons grow best when both the soil and air temperature are at least 70°F (21°C). You can sow seeds directly in […] More

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