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  • How to Grow Fumewort — Corydalis

    Corydalis–commonly called Fumewort–has irregular yellow, blue, purple, or rose flowers that resemble those of the bleeding heart. Fumewort is easy to grow in ordinary garden soil. Corydalis produces mounds of delicate-looking ferny foliage. Tubular and spurred flowers appear on racemes. Perennial varieties grow from rhizomes or tubers. Most Corydalis do not like being transplanted. They […] More

  • How to Grow Crown of Thorns — Euphorbia

    The Crown of Thorns plant, Euphorbia milii, gets its common name from the sharp spines that protect the thick stems of this cactus-like plant. A relative of the poinsettia, the crown of thorns has small grayish-green leaves that provide year-round color, while bright red flower bracts appear in fall and winter. Crown of thorns thrives […] More

  • How to Grow False Rockrose — Aubrieta

    False Rockrose, Aubrieta, is a mat-forming groundcover often seen spilling over rock walls or in rock gardens. It forms a beautiful blanket of tiny bright purple to pink flowers in spring. Aubrieta is a low-growing perennial of the Mustard family. You will find various spellings of the name; it has also been spelled Aubrietia. Aubrieta […] More

  • How to Grow Annual Blue Salvia — Salvia

    Annual blue salvia, Salvia farinacea, produces spikes of small purple-blue flowers from midsummer to fall. Annual blue salvia is sometimes called mealycup sage. The plant is an upright perennial often grown as an annual. Leaves are lance-shaped. Annual blue salvia has the best effect when planted in drifts in beds and borders. More than one […] More

  • How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Nasturtium Herb

    bigstock Two Nasturtium Blossoms Surrou 308685904

    Nasturtiums are grown in the flower garden for their array of bright colors. They are grown in the herb garden for their distinctly peppery flavor. All parts of the nasturtium are edible—the leaves, the flowers, and the seeds. The flavor of nasturtiums is similar to watercress. Here is your complete guide to growing nasturtium. Where […] More

  • How to Grow Wishbone Flower — Torenia

    Torenia–commonly called wishbone flower– is a bushy annual with serrated light green leaves and, from summer to early fall, flared blooms with bi-color blossoms pale lilac and blue-purple, yellow and white, or rose and white petals. Torenia looks like miniature gloxinias or monkeyflowers (Mimulus). Torrenia fournieri is often grown in summer bedding. Set Torenia at […] More

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