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    How to Make Tomato Juice—Simply

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    To make the most nutritious tomato juice the easy way, do this: wash your tomatoes, cut out the cores and bruised or bad spots, and place the whole tomatoes in a blender—no peeling required. Blend until smooth and drink. Freeze what you don’t drink now for later use. Most recipes for tomato juice ask you […] More

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    How to Sun-Dry and Oven-Dry Tomatoes

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    Sun-dry tomatoes or oven-dry tomatoes to use for seasoning in salads, soups, stews, casseroles, mixed vegetables, and snacks. You can also rehydrate dried tomatoes for use in cooking. Choose firm, ripe, full-flavored tomatoes that are heavy for their size. Tomatoes with a high acid content dry best. Excellent tomato varieties for drying are San Marzano […] More

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    Basil and Tomato Soup

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    What could be more satisfying than a late summer soup made from the vegetables out of your own garden or the one’s you hand selected at the farm market. PrintBasil and Tomato SoupAuthor Steve AlbertYield 6-8 servings Here’s a basil and tomato soup which you can serve hot or cold. I like to serve it […] More