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    Heirloom and Hybrid Tomatoes Explained

    Tomato Brandywine heirloom1

    Do heirloom tomatoes (or other heirloom vegetables, for that matter) have benefits or advantages when compared to hybrid tomatoes? The answer is not simple. The Natural Selection of Tomatoes Most of the crops we eat today, including tomatoes, have evolved from less desirable wild plants. Over generations and generations, humans have selectively created many plant […] More

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    10 Tomatoes for Small Spaces

    Ripe yellow cherry tomatoes

    Small tomato plants that deliver a big flavor are just right for growing in small gardens and on decks, patios, and balconies. Small tomato plants range in size from 18 inches tall or less to no more than 3 or 4 feet tall. Small tomatoes require no staking or caging—but you can. Fruits on small […] More

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    Late Blight Fungus Disease

    Late Blight Phytophora fungus 1

    Late blight is a fungal disease that can infect tomato and potato plants. The disease spreads rapidly and will likely destroy the infected plant in a few days. Wind- and water-borne fungal spores can quickly spread to other plants—including eggplants, and peppers. Late blight commonly strikes when nights are cool and moist and days are […] More

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    Paste Tomatoes for Home Gardens

    Tomato San Marzano

    Paste tomatoes have a meaty texture and concentrated flavor. They are also known as “sauce,” “pear,” “plum,” “saladette,” “Roma,” and “Italian.” Use paste tomatoes for cooking sauces, juicing, drying, or eating fresh sliced in salads or on the side. Paste tomatoes come in a variety sizes—from an inch or two long to large 2-pound fruits. […] More

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    Tomato Flavor Explained

    Tomato Cherokee Purple

    Tomato flavor is a balance of acid and sugar recognized by the tongue and the effect of volatile compounds within the fruit that cause aroma recognized by the nose. Simply put, the human perception of tomato flavor involves the integration of taste and smell. Tomato flavor is commonly described as sweet, tart, tangy or balanced. […] More

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    Tomato Harvest Ketchup Recipe


    PrintTomato Harvest KetchupYield 2 quarts Here’s a full-flavored tomato ketchup that comes right out of the garden. This recipe combines just picked tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic, and celery. It’s thick and smooth with a rich, complex flavor you’ll never find in store-bought ketchup. (If you want store-bought flavor add double or triple the amount […] More

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    Self-Pollinating Vegetables

    Tomato flower

    Some vegetables are self-pollinating meaning they do not need the assistance of bees or other insects or the wind for pollination and the production of fruit. Self-pollinating vegetables include tomatoes, green peppers, and chili peppers, eggplants, green beans, lima beans, sweet peas, and peanuts. Pollen is required for a flower to produce fruit. Self-pollinating vegetables […] More

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    Tomato Planting Tips

    Tomato in Plastic Mulch

    Set out tomato seedlings in midafternoon after the air and soil have warmed for the day. Seedlings set out on cold mornings are more susceptible to chilling injury—their metabolic reserves have been depleted overnight. Don’t let tomato seedlings grow-on in small pots too long; they will become rootbound and stunted. Pot up if you can’t […] More

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    Grow Tomatoes This Spring

    Tomato heirloom beefsteaks

    No tomato tastes better than the one you’ve grown yourself. Whether you are growing tomatoes for slicing on sandwiches, salads, snacking, cooking, or canning, there is a tomato or two that will grow easily where you live. Here’s a collection of tips to help you start growing the tastiest, juiciest tomatoes ever in your home […] More

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    Beginner’s Guide to Superfoods from the Garden

    Blueberries ripening

    You can easily grow superfoods in your garden and quickly prepare and serve them in minutes. Superfoods are high in nutritional value and provide important chemical compounds—called phytochemicals—that fight disease and improve health. Superfoods have been around for thousands of years, but the term has gained popularity over the past two decades. Superfoods from the […] More

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    Best Large Tomatoes for the Home Garden

    Tomato Seeds

    A very large tomato can also be among the tastiest you grow. Abraham Lincoln and Beefesteak are two old-time favorites with old-time tomato flavor; both can tip nearly 3-pounds at harvest though 1 to 2 pounds is more likely—still very big. A downside to growing very large tomatoes can be the sacrifice of flavor. Large […] More