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    Greens, Orange, and Beet Salad

    Salad with oranges and beets

    This greens, orange, and beet salad delivers color and flavor. Choose fresh seasonal greens—a mix of tender lettuces like Boston, oak leaf, red leaf, and butter or spinach—and match them with the sweet, earthy flavor of cooked beets and the refreshing sweet and sour balance of oranges. To these add the peppery snap of sliced […] More

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    Red Cabbage and Apples

    Cabbage red apples walnuts

    Red cabbage is particularly well matched to apples, red wine, and vinegar. The red cabbage leaf lacks the delicate flavor of the savoy cabbage. Rather it has a hearty, full flavor that stands up well to equally full-flavored foods. The red cabbage is ready for harvest when its head is firm and unyielding. It is […] More