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    Garlic Growing Quick Tips

    Garlic Drying On Rack

    Sowing/Planting: Garlic is grown from cloves taken from garlic bulbs. The cloves are planted like seeds. Seed clove size is important: larger cloves yield bulbs larges than small cloves. Cloves should be chilled in storage at 41°F (5°C) for several months before planting. Garlic prefers short, cool days at the start of growth and long, […] More

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    Planting Garlic

    Garlic softneck

    Garlic is a cool-weather perennial plant commonly planted in the cool of autumn or in early spring. Garlic–which is often classified as an herb–is grown from cloves selected from medium to large bulbs, called heads, harvested the season before. You can plant cloves from garlic heads purchased at a grocery store or farm market as […] More

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    Roasted Garlic on Toast

    Garlic roasted on toast1

    Roasted garlic is mellow and warming. Its delicate undertones enhance the flavor of salads and meats. Here, I give you a recipe for pairing roasted garlic with olive oil to flavor your favorite toasted bread. PrintRoasted Garlic on ToastAuthor Steve AlbertYield 15-20 slices of toast Choose good-size garlic bulbs with big cloves for this recipe—big […] More

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    Soft-neck and Hard-neck Garlic

    Garlic softneck2

    There are hundreds of named varieties of garlic, but all of them can be categorized into two major types: soft-necked and hard-necked. The stalk that grows up from a garlic bulb is called a “neck.” The stalk of soft-necked garlic is pliable and soft at maturity. The stalk of hard-necked garlic is stiff at maturity. […] More

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    How to Cook and Serve Garlic

    Garlic roasted

    Garlic is one of the most common vegetables used for flavoring other foods. It is also one of the best-tasting cooked vegetables. Garlic Flavor A whole garlic clove sautéed in oil will have a sweet, delicate flavor. A whole garlic clove cooked slowly will have a mellow, nutty flavor. Cut garlic—raw or cooked—will be pungent […] More