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    Corn Beef and Cabbage Slow Cooked

    Corned beef and cabbage1

    Here is a one-dish, slow cooker meal that you can get started on a chilly Saturday or Sunday morning to have on the table for supper. It’s a hearty, basic dish that will serve 6 and you will more than likely have beef leftover for cold corned beef sandwiches or corned beef hash tomorrow. Corned […] More

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    How to Make Coleslaw with No Recipe


    Simply put coleslaw is a salad made from shredded cabbage and along with other chopped or shredded vegetables bound with mayonnaise, vinaigrette, or other dressing and sometimes flavored with herbs or fruit. The word coleslaw comes from two Dutch words: kool meaning cabbage and sla an abbreviation for salad—koolsla. Coleslaw is sometimes called “cold slaw”—which […] More

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    Savory Radish-Cabbage Coleslaw

    Cabbage coleslaw1

    1 votePrintSavory Radish-Cabbage ColeslawAuthor Steve Albert Here’s an easy coleslaw you can put together right from the early spring garden. This coleslaw has a sophisticated radish bite to it. It’s savory. No sugar, so it’s not your average picnic slaw. We matched this slaw with grilled salmon and steamed peas and mushrooms and every bite […] More

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    Red Cabbage and Apples

    Cabbage red apples walnuts

    Red cabbage is particularly well matched to apples, red wine, and vinegar. The red cabbage leaf lacks the delicate flavor of the savoy cabbage. Rather it has a hearty, full flavor that stands up well to equally full-flavored foods. The red cabbage is ready for harvest when its head is firm and unyielding. It is […] More

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    Ways to Serve Red Cabbage

    Cabbage red1

      The red cabbage is beautiful on the plate and in the garden. Red cabbage pickles better than green cabbage. It is stout and pungent. The Germans sometimes call red cabbage Red Kraut. Red Cabbage Serving Suggestions Red cabbage leaves are generally thicker than green or Savoy cabbages and not quite as tasty. Red cabbage […] More

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    Savoy Cabbage: Kitchen Basics

    Cabbage savoy1

    Savoy cabbage is considered by many to be the best-eating cabbage. It has a very delicate texture and a flavor most consider much superior to smooth-leaved cabbage.  The savoy cabbage has a yellow-green nearly round head with wrinkled leaves. Because savoy cabbage is so tender, it requires much less cooking than other cabbage varieties. How […] More

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    How to Make Sauerkraut


    Sauerkraut is pickled white cabbage. How to Make Sauerkraut in a Stone Crock Finely sliced cabbage is placed in a stone crock, a hardwood keg, or barrel and layered with salt. As the layers are built up, they are pounded down with a wooden mallet. Then the layers are covered with a clean cloth, a […] More