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    Vegetable Garden Seasonal Calendar


    The seasons come and go at different times of the year depending upon where you live—Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere and the latitude within those regions. Early spring might start in February in Southern California and early May in Maine. The closer you live to the equator the less winter temperatures will play a role […] More

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    Garden Tips for August

    Tomato San Marzano

    August is a month of endings and beginnings in the kitchen garden. In nature, change is about. Summer will begin to fade in many gardens during August giving way to autumn and cool weather. In hot summer regions, heat may continue for several more weeks then give way to warm but not cool temperatures. In […] More

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    Garden Tips for October

    Pumpkin in October

    October is the right time to prepare for the coming frost and cold weather. How will you extend the season if your summer crops are not yet ready for harvest? How will you protect your autumn and winter garden from snow and freezing temperatures? We have put together a roundup of things to do starting […] More

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    Garden Tips for September

    Fall vegetable garden

    The weather will direct your efforts in the vegetable garden in early autumn–September. Frost may strike even the mildest regions in early autumn. Know the average first frost date for your area. This date will allow you to plan your garden activities; you may have plenty of days to get new crops in or you […] More

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    Garden Tips for July

    Tomato ripening on vine

    Mid-summer is a busy time in the vegetable garden. Spring planted warm-season crops will begin coming to harvest this month. You’ll want to get crops harvested at the peak of flavor. Check planting dates to know when each crop should be picked–count the days to maturity from the planting date. But it’s not all about […] More

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    Garden Tips for June

    Zucchini and flower

    June is the month the vegetable, herb, and fruit gardens pick up steam. Spring comes to a close in June and summer begins. Complete your spring planting in early June. By the end of the month, the soil and air will be sufficiently warm for plant growth to accelerate and begin growth toward harvest. (Of […] More

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    Vegetable Garden Tips for May

    Planting bean seeds

    May is the month when the vegetable garden begins to look more and more like the summer garden. By mid-month, most warm-season crops can be sown or transplants out in the garden without worry. (If nights are still chilly where you live, keep row covers and other crop protectors at the ready.) By the end […] More

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    Vegetable Garden Tips for April

    Shallots and greens in the winter garden

      How to Prepare a Planting Bed Newly established planting beds and planting beds that have been used in past seasons must be readied for the coming growing season. To prepare an established planting bed for the growing season you must decide what is going to be planted in the bed. While most planting beds […] More

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    Grow Tomatoes This Spring

    Tomato heirloom beefsteaks

    No tomato tastes better than the one you’ve grown yourself. Whether you are growing tomatoes for slicing on sandwiches, salads, snacking, cooking, or canning, there is a tomato or two that will grow easily where you live. Here’s a collection of tips to help you start growing the tastiest, juiciest tomatoes ever in your home […] More

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    Vegetable Garden Tips for March

    Spinach in the garden

    Welcome to March in the vegetable garden! March brings the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Spring in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on March 19 this year. “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter […] More

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    May Vegetable Garden Things To Do

    tomato planting

    May is the month to get your summer vegetable garden growing in earnest. Warm-season crops can be sown in the garden or transplants set out. The soil in most vegetable gardens in the Northern Hemisphere should now be warm enough for summer crops. If you live where nights can get chilly, keep row covers at […] More

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    April Vegetable Garden Zone-by-Zone

    Vegetable garden in spring

    April is a time of transition in the vegetable garden. Weather extremes from snow flurries to hot weather can occur in the Northern Hemisphere. In cold-winter regions, spring weather may be weeks away. In warm-winter regions, the last frost may already have passed. When the lilacs bloom in your area, the time will be right […] More