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    April Seed Starting Veggies Zone-by-Zone

    Starting seeds indoors

    Here are seed starting tips–both indoors and outdoors–and schedule for April zone-by-zone. If you are unfamiliar with the USDA zone where you live, look at the minimum annual temperature guideline following each zone. Soil and Seed Starting Mix Getting seed started indoors is essentially the same as sowing seed outdoors directly in the garden. If […] More

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    Seed Starting Vegetables in March

    Biodegradable pots

    To get a head start on the growing season, start your vegetable seeds indoors. Cold soil and unsettled weather will challenge seeds sown directly in the garden in early spring. Cool-season crops that are the easiest to start from seed indoors are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, and lettuce. Warm-season crops to start indoors […] More

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    Seed Starting Vegetables in February

    Pepper seedlings

    Starting seed in the garden can be challenging, especially early in the season. Garden soil either too cold or too wet are the chief obstacles to germination in late winter and early spring. The solution: start seeds indoors early in the season. Vegetables that are the easiest to start indoors from seed are broccoli, Brussels […] More

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    February Vegetable Garden

    Crops in winter leeks and cabbage1

    February is a busy month for the kitchen gardener. In many regions, indoor and outdoor sowing and planting is underway. Some gardeners already have seed in the ground. In the coldest regions, where there is snow on the ground, February is still the time for making plans and preparing for spring. Here are some of […] More

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    January Garden in the Northern Hemisphere

    January is the coldest month of the year in the northern half of the world. The Norseman named January for Thor, their gold of thunder and storms. The Anglo-Saxons called it Wolfmonth because the wolves came into the villages in the dead of winter to search for food. Legend says that the Roman emperor Numa […] More

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    January Kitchen Garden Almanac

    Cabbage seedling and frost

    There is a lot to do in the garden–or for the garden–in January. You may want to print out this list of to-dos and get started as weather permits. Of course, if you live in a warm- or mild-winter region, you can start sowing and planting in the garden this month. You’ll see the planting […] More

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    December Kitchen Garden Almanac

    Plastic Tunnel Profile

    December brings early winter, but not much of a slowdown in the all-year vegetable garden. Cool-season crops planted early in autumn will come to harvest in the next several weeks. (If crops have slowed down, don’t fret. Once daylight drops to less than 10 hours, cool-weather vegetables slip into a no-growth mode. Growth will resume […] More

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    December Garden in the Southern Hemisphere

    Beans bush flowering

    December brings the arrival of summer to the Southern Hemisphere vegetable garden. Warm-season crops can still be planted this month. Spring-planted crops will come to harvest this month.  If you are preparing for your summer Christmas holiday, make sure that the vegetable garden is well mulched before you go. Mulch will keep the weeds down […] More