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    Black Nightshade Organic Weed Control

    Black nightshade weed

    Black nightshade—also called deadly nightshade–is the most common of several nightshade weeds. The nightshades are close relatives of tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants. The leaves and berries of nightshades contain toxic alkaloids that are harmful to humans and animals. Hairy nightshade and cutleaf nightshade are two other garden weeds similar to black nightshade. Nightshades are annuals […] More

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    Foxtail Organic Weed Control

    Foxtail weed

                                              Foxtail is an annual plant that grows as a weed in lawns, vegetable and ornamental gardens, orchards, and vineyards. The seedlings look much like annual grasses. Descriptions and Life Cycle: Stalks grow 1 to […] More

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    Wild Garlic Organic Weed Control

    Wild garlic weed

    Wild garlic is a perennial plant that grows from bulbils. There are several species of wild garlic. Wild garlic is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental but can be hard to control as it spreads. Descriptions and Life Cycle: Plants grow to 3 feet tall. Plant grows from a cluster of bulbs covered with papery sheath. […] More

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    Henbit Organic Weed Control

    Henbit weed

                                              Henbit is a broad-leafed plant that grows as an annual but also as a biennial and short-lived perennial. It is also known as dead nettle, bee nettle, and lamium. Description and Life Cycle: Plants […] More

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    Purslane Organic Weed Control

    Purslane weed

    Purslane is a low-growing weed with reddish-brown, thick, succulent stems. Purslane is a summer annual weed that thrives in hot, dry weather. It grow vigorously, forming a thick mat. Pursland has thick, fleshy, and wedge-shaped. Small yellow flwoers can bllom in the stem and leaf joints. Pruslane stores water in its thick fleshy stems and […] More

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    Poison Ivy Organic Weed Control

    Poison Ivy

      Poison ivy grow as a deciduous shrub or vine. A resin that covers the leaves, stems, fruits, and roots is toxic and commonly causes severe, painful skin rashes. Description and Life Cycle: Grows as bushy shrub to 3 feet tall or climbing or creeping vine in shade. Compound leaves bear three oval, pointed leaflets […] More

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    Poison Oak Organic Weed Control

    Poison oak

                                              Poison oak is perennial deciduous plant that grows as a shrub or vine. All parts of the plant are covered with a highly toxic resin that can cause severe dermatitis. Description and Life Cycle: […] More

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    Plantain Organic Weed Control

    Plantain weed

    Plantain is a perennial plant, usually a weed. There are two common species of plantain—the broadleaf plantain and the buckthorn plantain. Plantain has thick, egg-shaped, wavy-edged leaves that grow from a ground-hugging rosette. Plantain weed thrives in rich, moist, compacted soil. Plantain grows from seed and from resprouting roots. The leaves are so wide and […] More

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    Morning Glory Organic Weed Control

    Morning glory weed

    Morning glories are summer-growing perennial and annual plants commonly grown for their colorful funnel-shaped flowers. Morning glories become weedy when they are allowed to twine around other plants and objects and when allowed to re-seed and grow uncontrolled. Description and Life Cycle: Stems are 3 to 13 feet long; twine around other plants and objects. […] More

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    Dandelion Benefits and Organic Control

    Dandelion weed

    Dandelions are perennial plants. They flower beginning in early spring and continue through the summer. Description and Life Cycle: Dark green leaves have slightly ragged edges to deep, saw-like teeth, pointed ends. Leaves form basal rosette. Flower stalk can grow to 12 inches tall or more. Brilliant yellow ray flowers to 2 inches across; later […] More

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    Chickweed Organic Weed Control


    Chickweed is an annual plant that competes vigorously with other plants. It is edible. Description and Life Cycle: Bright green, mat forming low grower with multiple branches from central crown. Stems 1½ to 3 feet long. Leaves oval and pointed at the tip, smooth and shiny, opposite in pairs on stem. White 1½ inch flowers […] More

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    Bindweed Organic Weed Control


    Bindweed is a perennial vine with round white blossoms. There are two common species of bindweed: field bindweed and hedge bindweed. Bindweeds look somewhat like morning glories. Description and Life Cycle: Field and hedge bindweed have stems 3 to 10 feet long. Stems are smooth and climb or lie prostrate on the ground. Leaves round […] More