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    Oxalis Organic Weed Control

    Oxalis weed 1

    Oxalis is a perennial plant. There are 900 species of oxalis–some with yellow flowers, others with purple, violet, or pink flowers. Some species are known as wood sorrels. Some are called false shamrocks. Oxalis can reproduce by rooting stem joints, tubers, or small bulblets depending on the species. It can take years to eradicate oxalis […] More

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    Shepherd’s Purse Organic Weed Control

    Sheperds purse weed 1

    Shepherd’s Purse is a cool-weather annual that is commonly found in lawns, gardens, orchards, vineyards, and along roadsides. It is also called a lady’s purse and pepper plant. Shepherd’s purse is a member of the Brassicaceae or mustard family and so will grow easily where mustard grows. The young leaves of shepherd’s purse, like mustard, […] More

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    Foxtail Organic Weed Control

    Foxtail weed

    Foxtail is an annual plant that grows as a weed in lawns, vegetable and ornamental gardens, orchards, and vineyards. The seedlings look much like annual grasses. Botanical name: Setaria glauca, S. viridis Organic Weed Control at Amazon Foxtail descriptions and life cycle Foxtail root system Ragweed has a shallow taproot that produces a fibrous root […] More

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    Wild Garlic Organic Weed Control

    Wild garlic weed

    Wild garlic is a perennial plant that grows from bulbils. There are several species of wild garlic. Wild garlic is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental but can be hard to control as it spreads. Botanical name: Allium ursinum (shown above, also called ramsons),  Allium vineale Organic Weed Control at Amazon Wild garlic description and life […] More

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    Poison Ivy Organic Weed Control

    Poison Ivy

    Poison ivy grows as a deciduous shrub or vine. A resin that covers the leaves, stems, fruits, and roots are toxic and commonly causes severe, painful skin rashes. Botanical name: Taxicodendron radicans Organic Weed Control at Amazon Poison ivy description and life cycle Poison ivy root system Poison ivy has a very tenacious root system that spreads […] More

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    Poison Oak Organic Weed Control

    Poison oak

    Poison oak is a perennial deciduous plant that grows as a shrub or vine. All parts of the plant are covered with a highly toxic resin that can cause severe dermatitis.  Botanical name: Toxicodendron diversilobum Organic Weed Control at Amazon Poison oak description and life cycle Poison oak root system Poison oak has a tenacious […] More

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    Purslane Organic Weed Control

    Purslane weed

    Purslane is a low-growing weed with reddish-brown, thick, succulent stems. Purslane is a summer annual weed that thrives in hot, dry weather. It grows vigorously, forming a thick mat. Purslane has thick, fleshy, and wedge-shaped. Small yellow flowers can bloom in the stem and leaf joints. Purslane stores water in its thick fleshy stems and […] More