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    Berry Harvest Quick Tips

    Berry harvest1

    Berries taste their absolute best when left to ripen on the plant, then picked and eaten immediately. Sweetness, aroma, and flavor determine ripeness; berries can reach their peak in a day or two once they begin to mature. Visit plants every day once fruit begins to deepen in color. Taste and smell to decide when […] More

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    Snap Beans: Harvest and Storage

    Bean Harvest1

    Your bean harvest time will depend on what you plan to do with the beans after picking. Snap beans or green beans harvest: Green beans are ready for harvest when they are about the size of pencil. The seeds inside will be just visible–they’ll look like small bumps. Depending on the variety you have planted, […] More

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    Apple Harvest Time by Variety

    Apples on branch1

    The apple is the most widely grown fruit. Apple trees grow everywhere except in the very hottest and very coldest regions of the world. Apples vary from crisp to soft, from juicy to dry, from acid or insipid to bitter, bland, or aromatic. Apples can range in color from green to gold to yellow to […] More

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    Potato Harvest Calendar

    Potato harvest1

    The length of a potato’s growing season varies according to climate and variety. You can choose cultivars for each of three harvest periods. “First early potatoes”—grow rapidly, take little space, and are harvested early to midsummer when they are about the size of an egg. “Second early potatoes”—are midseason potatoes that grow rapidly, take little […] More