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    How to Harvest and Store Garlic

    Garlic Drying On Rack

    Harvest garlic in the summer when tops have begun to yellow and partially dry. Garlic will be ready for harvest 90 to 100 days after spring planting and about 8 months after autumn planting. When to Harvest Garlic Harvest garlic bulbs when two-thirds of the plant’s leaves turn yellow and start to fall over 90 […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Spinach

    Spinach leaves

    Harvest spinach when the leaves are tender and big enough to eat.  Spinach is ready for picking 40 to 65 days after sowing. When to Harvest Spinach Harvest spinach as close to mealtime as possible for the best flavor. Spinach grows best between 60° and 65°F (15°-18°C)—commonly during spring or autumn. Plants commonly flower (bolt) […] More

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    Cucumber Harvest Tips

    Cucumber sliced

    Cucumbers are best picked green, firm, and moderate in size–as soon as they are edible and usable size. Home-grown cucumbers should be picked slightly smaller than the size you’d find at the market. Smaller cucumbers will be just as tasty as larger cucumbers. Never allow cucumbers to mature on the plant. If cucumber fruits mature […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Rutabagas

    Rutabaga in garden

    Harvest rutabagas when root tops are 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Young, small roots will be the most tender and succulent. Rutabagas touched by at least two frosts will be the sweetest and most flavorful. When to Harvest Rutabagas Rutabagas are ready for harvest 90 to 110 days after sowing. Harvest rutabagas when the […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Kale

    Kale in garden

    Kale is ready for harvest as soon as the leaves are large enough to eat.  Kale matures 55 to 75 days from seed sowing. It is best grown to mature in spring or fall before temperatures climb into the 70°sF . In mild-winter regions, kale will produce new leaves nearly all winter. When to Harvest […] More