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    Swiss Chard Cooking and Serving Tips

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    Swiss chard can be served raw or cooked. Swiss chard leaves have a hearty, yet mild spinach flavor. Swiss chard stalks have a delicate, celery-like taste and crunch. Serve chard greens raw alone or in a mixed green salad. You can also cook chard greens just like spinach. Swiss chard, chard, silverbeet, spinach beet, leaf […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Swiss Chard

    Chard cut come again

    Harvest Swiss chard when the leaves are tender and big enough to eat. Swiss chard is ready for picking 30 days after sowing if you want baby leaves. Harvest chard 45 to 60 days after sowing if you want full-sized leaves with a thick midrib. When to Harvest Swiss Chard Harvest Swiss chard any time […] More

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    Swiss Chard: Kitchen Basics

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    Swiss chard is a cacophony of dazzling multicolored stems: gold, pink, orange, purple, red, mauve, and white in electric and pastel variations. The stems are set off by deep green or bronze leaves. Swiss chard stalks and leaves can be cooked and served as you would spinach. Swiss chard is the most colorful when plants […] More