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    Seven Ways to Cook Rutabaga

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    Rutabaga is tasty served mashed with butter, cream, and spices. Sauté rutabaga in butter with apples and brown sugar, or dice and add rutabaga to vegetable soups and stews. Rutabaga harvest comes from late summer to early spring. How to Choose Rutabaga Rutabagas are a cool-weather vegetable and taste best after the first frost. They […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Rutabagas

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    Harvest rutabagas when root tops are 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Young, small roots will be the most tender and succulent. Rutabagas touched by at least two frosts will be the sweetest and most flavorful. When to Harvest Rutabagas How to Harvest Rutabagas How to Store Rutabagas Storing Rutabagas in the Garden Also  of […] More