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    When to Plant Endive and Escarole

    Curly endive

    Endive and escarole are cool-season crops. They can be grown in early spring and in fall. Sow endive and escarole seeds directly in the garden 2 to 4 weeks before the last frost in spring. To set out transplants start seeds indoors 4 to 5 weeks before transplanting. Set transplants in the garden 4 weeks […] More

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    Escarole and Curly Endive Serving Tips

    Endive and peach salad

    Curly endive and escarole are both chicories of the same species. These two slightly bitter-tasting leafy greens can be eaten raw in winter or spring salads or added to soups where their tastes become mild. Curly endive has narrow, finely cut, curly leaves. Escarole has smooth, rounded, broad leaves. Often, the names endive, escarole, and […] More

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    Belgian Endive Serving Tips

    Belgian endive1

    Belgian endive is commonly served raw added to winter salads or braised and served with a white sauce. Belgian endive can also be steamed, parboiled, and prepared in a gratin. The closely wrapped creamy white leaves of Belgian endive form a firm elongated, spear-shaped heart. The leaves are slightly pungent.  Belgian endive is harvested autumn […] More