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    Corn Chowder and Summer Flavors

    Corn Chowder

    Corn chowder is a hearty soup. It’s a perfect match for the late summer corn harvest—a whiff of autumn in the air and sometimes a hint of chill. Chowder is an American term with French origins—chaudière is a sort of iron cooking pot. As for corn, the shorter the time from garden to table, the […] More

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    Grilled Corn with Seasoned Butter

    Corn Grilled

    Grilled and roasted corn is most flavorful when it is cooked fresh—very fresh. As soon as an ear of corn is picked, its sugars start converting to starch. As the sugars turn to starch, the sweetness of corn is lost—though it is true that some new breeds of corn will retain their sweetness for days. […] More

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    Baby Corn Cooking and Serving Tips

    Corn baby

    Baby corn sweet and crunchy can be eaten whole out of hand–kernels and cob together. Add baby corn raw to salads, or cook it quickly in stir-fries. Include fresh baby corn among crudités. Baby corn is often included in Thai and Chinese dishes. It looks like miniature corn on the cob. But baby corn does […] More

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    Summer Garden Succotash


    Look around and you will find a dozen or so ways to make “authentic” succotash. The bottom line on succotash is that this cooked dish always includes lima beans and corn kernels—unless it doesn’t. You see, sometimes “real” succotash doesn’t include lima beans but green shell beans instead (just ask Fannie Farmer). So, at least […] More

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    Sautéed Corn

    Sautéing will keep the crispness and flavor of fresh vegetables intact. Sautéing is a technique very similar to Chinese stir-frying. Fresh vegetables that lend themselves to sautéing include mushrooms, thinly slice carrots, zucchini, onions, green peppers, and corn kernels. PrintSautéed CornAuthor Steve AlbertYield 1 serving IngredientsFresh corn kernels: 1 cup (237ml)To each cup of corn […] More