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    How to Grow Avocado — Persea

    Persea–commonly called avocado–is a tropical tree that grows to greater than 60 feet (18m) tall. It also is grown as a foliage plant indoors. Persea is a rapid grower in tropical and subtropical regions. It produces dense shade. Persea is an evergreen that drops leaves throughout the year. Persea terminal shoots can be trimmed or […] More

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    Avocados with Seafood

    Avocado and seafood large

    Avocado has a sweet grassy flavor and the texture of butter. Match avocado with mild and subtly flavored partners. Avocado will add richness to a dish. Match avocado with bacon, scallions, tomatoes, basil, red onions, chiles. The recipe here matches avocado with shellfish–lobster and crab. PrintAvocados with SeafoodAuthor Steve AlbertYield 4 servings Adapted from Henri-Paul […] More