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    Sliced Apple Flavor Matches

    Apples and snow peas1

    A refreshing, fruity balance of sour and sweet, apple slices are versatile—and widely matched for flavor. Sweeter varieties such as Fuji and Gala are right for desserts—match them with cream, ice cream, and honey; tart varieties such as Braeburn and Granny Smith are suited to dark greens such as spinach and arugula and sharp cheeses. […] More

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    Apples: Kitchen Basics

    Apple slices2

      Apples for eating out of hand, apples for baking and cooking, apples for sauce and juice, apples to serve with savory dishes and apples for dessert: there is an apple for every use. Apples that ripen early, apples that ripen mid-season, and apples that ripen late for eating right into winter: there is an […] More

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    Gravenstein Apple Tart

    Apple tart1

    The Gravenstein apple is simply one of the best baking and cooking apples. A tart is a pastry crust with shallow sides, a filling, and no top crust. This tart calls for the apples to be cooked before they are placed in the crust. Once baked, this Gravenstein apple tart will be light and crispy […] More

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    A Toast To You

    Wes hál! Be hale! Be in good health! From the Old Norse language ves heill to the Old English wes hál to the Modern English Be in good health! This toast is to you on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. From wes hál came wassail, the drink, and the Anglo-Saxon tradition of wassailing–toasting to […] More