• Bare Root Trees and Shrubs Buyer’s Guide

    Bare root roses

    Bare root trees and shrubs are deciduous plants that are sold and planted without soil around their roots. Bare root plants are sold and planted during the time of the year when deciduous plants are dormant, usually winter and early spring. To survive bare roots must be planted before they break dormancy and begin to […] More

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  • How to Plant, Grow, and Prune Olive Trees

    bigstock Branch with fresh ripe olives 306405901

    Olives are a good choice for the small garden in regions where summers are long, hot, and dry. Olives are attractive for their billowing habit, gray-green foliage, and gnarled branching patterns. Olives are easy to care for. They require little water once established, little pruning, and have few serious pests or diseases. All olives must […] More

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  • Planting Bare-Root Fruit Trees and Vines

    Bare root trees and vines are field grown, then dug during the winter when they are dormant. They are stored and shipped with all the soil removed from the roots–bare root. Bare root trees and vines are usually less expensive than those sold in containers. Young trees and vines without soil weigh less and are […] More

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  • Fig Trees: How to Plant, Grow, and Prune Figs

    Figs in basket

    Figs are one of the sweetest fruits. Figs can be purple, green, yellow, or white-skinned depending on the variety. The flesh can range from gold to deep red.  When ripe the moist flesh is intensely sweet and the skin is edible. Figs are easy to grow and mostly trouble-free. They grow best where winters are […] More

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  • 20 Trees and Shrubs with Decorative Bark

    Trees and shrubs with decorative bark can add another element of interest to the garden. There are colorful barks, flaking barks, and peeling barks. Some trees and shrubs have all three. Tree and shrub size and form are commonly the first things gardeners look at when choosing a tree or shrub for the garden. Not far […] More

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  • Deer-Resistant Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers

    Deer-resistant trees, shrubs, and groundcovers are plants deer have shunned in many gardens. If deer are hungry enough, they will eat practically any kind of plant. But if deer are a problem in your garden, you may be able to discourage them–most of the time–with your plant choices. This list includes trees, shrubs, and groundcovers […] More

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  • Drought-Tolerant Trees

    Drought-tolerant trees can withstand dry conditions once established. No native or commonly used landscape plant is drought-resistant until it becomes established in the site. All plants require a steady supply of moisture when first planted. Trees can tolerate drought if they are deep-rooted. Deep roots can harvest soil moisture from past rainfalls. Trees planted in […] More

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  • Fast-Growing Trees

    Fast-growing trees can transform a landscape in a few years. They can bring shade and privacy to an otherwise open situation. Fast-growing is a relative term when it comes to trees; a fast-growing tree can add 3 to 10 feet (.9-3m) in height and breadth in a year. That means a one or two-year-old sapling […] More

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  • Shrubs and Trees That Withstand Shade

    Growing trees and shrubs in shade can be a challenge if you choose plants that prefer sunny conditions. If you choose plants that are adapted to shady conditions, shade gardening is quite enjoyable and barely any work at all. There are many shrubs and trees that prefer shade. They are understory plants that like the […] More

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  • Spring Flowering Trees

    Flowering trees are among the most popular ornamental plants. Spring flowering trees are especially valued for the bold way they signal the start of the warm time of the year. Flowering crab apples, dogwoods, hawthorns, redbuds, and cherries are harbingers of spring. Flowering trees make a tremendous impact in bloom even if many bloom only […] More

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  • Evergreen Trees for Privacy Planting

    Evergreens are plants that hold their foliage from season to season. Evergreen trees are well-suited as privacy plants. They create year-round living walls that can shield a garden or property from outside view. Evergreens can be divided into two classes: conifers or narrow-leaved evergreens and broad-leaved evergreens. Both conifers and broad-leaved evergreen trees can vary […] More

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  • Deciduous Trees for Privacy Plantings

    Deciduous trees can be used to create privacy. They can be used along a boundary to protect and enclose a garden or property. Deciduous trees can be used as a wall of green through the warm months of the year; they can still serve as a boundary in the cold time of the year even […] More

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