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    How to Harvest and Store Watermelon

    Harvested watermelon

    Watermelons are usually ripe and ready for harvest when the underside turns from white to yellow and at least three tendrils on each side of the melon are dead. Harvest watermelons about 85 to 90 days after sowing seed, and 35 to 45 days after flowers appear. Related articles: When to harvest watermelon There are […] More

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    How to Harvest and Store Melons

    Melon harvest

    Harvest melons when small cracks appear in the stem where it joins the fruit. Once the cracks circle the stem and the stem looks shriveled, the melon will break off with a slight twist. If more than light effort is needed to remove it from the vine, it is not ripe. Related article: When to […] More

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    Serve Watermelon With These Flavor Matches

    Watermelon slices1

    The sweet flavor of watermelon is well matched to herbal and sour flavors and to other sweet flavors. The key to matching watermelon to other foods is to find a taste complement or counterpoint. The way to do that is to taste, taste, taste! Once you find the watermelon flavor matches right for you, you’ll […] More