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    Armyworms Organic Pest Control


    Beet armyworm caterpillars are green with yellow undersides and dark green and yellow stripes. Fall armyworms are shiny brown with black heads and yellow stripes down their backs with a V-shaped white mark on the head. Armyworms are active at night and on overcast days. They get their name from their habit of marching in […] More

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    Mealybugs Organic Pest Control

    Mealy bugs on leaf female

    Mealybugs are very small soft, oval insects that are usually covered with white or gray waxy fluff. A mealybug is about 1/10 of an inch long. Mealybugs suck the juices from citrus, apples, pears, apricots, avocadoes, and grapes as well as ornamental and tropical plants. Honeydew excreted by mealybugs supports the growth of sooty mold […] More

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    Spider Mite Organic Pest Control


    Spider mites are nearly microscopic creatures about 1/50 inch long. They are reddish-brown or pale in color with eight legs, much like a spider. The spider mite is not an insect; it is an arachnid, the class of invertebrate animals that includes spiders. Good Products for Pest and Disease Control at Amazon: Mites are the […] More

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    Leafminer Organic Pest Control


    Adult leafminers are black-bristled gray or black flies usually with yellow stripes about 1/10-inch long. Larvae leafminers are stubby, green translucent maggots about 1/8- inch long. Leafminer maggots feed between the upper and lower surfaces of leaves creating tunnels or mines that appear irregular and white or brown on the surface. Good Products for Pest […] More

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    Whitefly Organic Pest Control


    Whiteflies look like very tiny white moths. Like their close relatives aphids, they suck juices from tender plant leaves. Whiteflies congregate in large numbers on the undersides of leaves and fly up in a cloud when disturbed. Whiteflies are found year-round in warm climates; in colder climates, they are seen in the summer. They thrive […] More

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    Imported Cabbageworm Organic Pest Control

    Imported cabbage worm 300x201

    The adult imported cabbageworm is a white day-flying butterfly with one to four black spots on its wings and a wingspan of 1½ to 2 inches. The cabbageworm larvae are 1¼ inch velvety, light-green caterpillars with a fine yellow stripe down the back. Imported cabbageworm larvae chew ragged holes in the foliage of cabbage-family plants […] More

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    Weevil Organic Pest Control

    Root weevil

    Weevils are oval, brownish-gray or black, flightless, hard-shelled beetles about ⅓-inch long with a pronounced snout. Weevil larvae are plump, white grubs up to ½-inch long with yellowish-brown heads. Adult weevils chew on leaf edges leaving small scalloped bite marks. Larvae are soil-dwelling and feed on plant roots. Weevil-chewed leaves do little harm to plants, […] More

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    Tarnished Plant Bug Organic Pest Control

    Tarnished plant bug

    Adult tarnished plant bugs are oval and small, just ¼ inch big. They are brown mottled with yellow, bronze, or reddish marks and each forewing is black-tipped with a yellow triangle. Tarnished plant bug nymphs are yellow-green and wingless, somewhat similar to adults in appearance. Tarnished plant bug eggs are yellow and long and curved. […] More

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    Squash Bug Organic Pest Control

    Squash bug

    Adult and young squash bugs suck the juices from leaves causing leaves to wilt, dry up, and turn brown. Squash bugs commonly attack plants in the cucumber and squash family. Adult female squash bugs lay eggs from spring through midsummer on the stems and undersides of leaves. The orange-yellow to bronze eggs are elliptical and […] More

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    Mexican Bean Beetle Organic Pest Control

    Mexican bean beetle

    Adult Mexican bean beetles are oval yellowish-brown to copper-colored beetles with 16 black spots on their wing covers. They are ¼-inch long and look something like a ladybug. Bean beetle larvae are fat yellowish or orange humpbacked grubs with long branching spines 5/16-inch long. Mexican bean beetle larvae and adults feed on snap beans, lima […] More

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    Leafhopper Organic Pest Control

    Leafhopper Nymph Bradley239 Copy

    Leafhoppers are wedge-shaped, slender, greenish, yellow, or brown translucent winged insects 1/10 to ½ inch long. Nymph leafhoppers are pale green wingless insects but otherwise look like adult leafhoppers. Leafhoppers have piercing mouthparts and suck the sap from many leafy crops such as lettuce and endive but they also attack potatoes and tomatoes. Good Products […] More