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    Spring Onions, Green Onions and Scallions

    Spring onions2

    Young onions offer a range of taste from mild and smooth to pungent and biting. You can eat raw young onions whole with a dipping sauce or chopped in a green salad or potato salad or pasta salad. Raw green onions chopped make a colorful topping for sauces or baked potatoes. Onions cooked become mild […] More

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    Tropea Onion—the Red Torpedo

    Onions red torpedo1

    There is an onion that comes from Tropea in Calabria, Italy that you will enjoy. It is a mild or “sweet” flavored red onion—many say the sweetest-tasting onion in the world–that will be a welcome addition to the preparation of many meals, and, if all else fails, you can just about make a meal of […] More