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    Septoria Leaf Spot Fungus Disease

    Septoria Leaf Spot

    Septoria leaf spot is a fungal disease. It is one of the most destructive tomato plant diseases and affects a wide range of other vegetables and garden plants as well. Septoria fungal leaf spot is most severe in regions where warm, wet, humid weather extends over several days to weeks. Target Plants: tomato, celery, cucumber-family […] More

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    Bacterial Leaf Spot Disease

    bacterial spot

    Bacterial leaf spot disease produces small, dark irregular spots on tomato and pepper leaves; leaves eventually turn yellow and drop off. This defoliation weakens plants and exposes developing fruits to sunscald. Small, dark, wartlike raised spots with slightly sunken centers may appear on green fruits. Rot organisms are able to enter the fruit at these […] More

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    Alternaria Leaf Spot

    alternaria leaf blight

    Small yellow spots that appear first on older leaves are a symptom of this fungal blight. These spots gradually enlarge and become dark-colored areas filled with concentric rings. Alternaria leaf blight is particularly problematic for plants in the cabbage and squash families. Strawberries and carrots are also susceptible. When alternaria infects broccoli and cauliflower plants, […] More