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    Watering Houseplants

    Watering houseplants requires more judgment and skill than any other gardening practice. Watering properly is not easy when it comes to houseplants–too much water or too little water or watering at the wrong time or wrong temperature and so on. The results of watering incorrectly, though often unsuspected (or at least not associated with their […] More

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    Houseplant Light Needs

    Matching a plant to the light in your home or office is very important. Plants need the right light to thrive and grow; the amount of light needed can vary from one plant to the next. Plants use light to make food during the process of photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, the green leaves make complex sugars […] More

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    How to Choose a Houseplant

    A houseplant is any plant that can be grown in an ordinary room. Houseplants can be hardy or tender but well-adapted to withstand average house conditions—dry atmosphere, warm and sometimes uneven temperatures, and often inadequate light. The best spot for a houseplant is a room that gets sunlight, and the best position is nearest the […] More